Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ridley Dean TT Bike

Flash back to the end of July, 2009. Jordan is warming up to the Time-trial at US Junior Nationals and I make a deal with him. If he wins the Time-trial, I'll buy him a new TT bike. As most know, he came within 9 seconds winning, and finished 2nd. I couldn't tell if he was more upset about getting beat, or missing out on getting a new TT bike. As a consolation, I said he was close enough.

Back to the present. So many options. Specialized, Scott, Cervelo, Trek, to name a few. All very expensive too. High end TT frame/fork modules go for north of $3500.00 (yes, that's just for the frame and fork)! If I'm going to drop that kind of coin, I want the best.

The Ridley Dean was at the top of our list, but we were committed to purchasing from Flanders Bros. Bike Shop. As luck would have it, Flanders recently started carrying Ridley, and Jordan's dream came true.

Is he spoiled? Damn right, he's spoiled. Does he appreciate what he has? Absolutely, and he knows he has to train hard (and smart) to keep it.


Anonymous said...

...and keep his room clean, and take out the garbage, and most of all....BE NICE TO HIS MOM!!!!!!!!

Catching-Up said...

Would you adopt me--I will clean my room?????

Anonymous said...

What about being nice to his favorite aunt and his favorite aunt's wonderful little dog who loves him so?????