Thursday, December 09, 2010

Killer B Winner

Non-Championship Killer B Podium

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Cyclocross Nationals starts off with non-championship age graded races to afford riders the opportunity to dial in the course and equipment. They do a podium ceremony, but no medals or jersey is awarded. They are called the B races, which some racers call the "Killer B's" as a sarcastic reference to their less serious nature.

When we got to the course, it was an absolute hockey rink of glare ice. They delayed the racing 60 minutes, and amazingly, by the time Jordan's race started, the ice was gone, and it turned to greasy mud.

Jordan's race included racers aged 10-29. Jordan did the race strictly to get a good look at the course at speed, and was not in it for a result. Turnout was lighter than past years. I assume this was due to riders having to deal with the seeding Time-trials, and difficulty in getting to Bend early enough to race on Wednesday.

Jordan's stiffest competition came from an 18 year old from New Mexico. Jordan led the race to get the best look at racing lines, and did so without burning any matches. He was all smiles from start to finish, and was very excited to unexpectedly win the race.

The Midwest dominated the Killer B races. Sarah Huang of Kenosha, WI won the Women Open, CJ Faulkner and Christopher Fisher from the Twin Cities went 1-2 in the 30-39 race. Chris Smith and Jared Roy went 8-9 in the 40-49. Nice work everyone!

Jordan's championship race is on Friday. Good luck Jordan!

Top of the Stair Run-up

Leading through the greasy mud.

Down off the Fly-over "Sky Bridge"

A Subdued Victory Salute

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