Saturday, July 16, 2011

America invades Canada

Call-ups for the stage 5 criterium: Evan Hartig 3rd on GC, Jordan Cullen King of the Mountains.
All 12 Midwest Juniors racing the Tour of Rimouski.
Team Borah Development at the Tour of Rimouski, 15-16 boys, and 17-18 girls.
The kids pick up their gear for the stage 4 Time-trial. Larry Martin and his crew are working so hard for these kids.

The American cadet (15-16 boys) teams of Borah Development and Chipotle Development have put the 20 Canadian teams on notice at the Tour of Rimouski. These American riders have won every stage, hold the Leader's Yellow Jersey, Sprinter's Green Jersey, and Climber's Polka Dot Jersey, and sit 1st and 2nd on team general classification.

Today was another great day for Borah Development 15-16 boys. Jordan finished 2nd in the stage 4 time-trial, 16 seconds behind the stage winner. Evan Hartig finished 7th, Rudy Peterson 11th, and Trevor Rolette 47th.

In the stage 5 criterium, all 4 of the Borah Development riders finished in the same time as the winner, with Rudy 6th, Trevor 7th, Evan 16th, and Jordan 24th.

After stage 5, Evan sits 3rd on GC, Jordan 6th, Rudy 12th, and Trevor 37th. They are 2nd on the Team GC. Jordan continues to lead the climbers competition for the Polka Dot Jersey.

The Chipotle Development Team continues their domination. In fact, they have won each of the 5 stages, and lead both the individual and team GC. The also have a lead in the sprint competion for the Green Jersey.

As strong as the Chipotle team is, word from the Borah Development enclave is that Evan, Jordan, Rudy, and Trevor have become a very tight group, and are willing to give it up for each other. This is sure to be a big factor in the tough final stage.

Tomorrow's final stage 6, features 5 laps on a 7 mile circuit with a brutal mile long steep climb each lap. It will be an opportunity for both American teams to showcase their talent, and beat the canadians on their home turf.

All stage results can be found by clicking here.

For those of you who don't want to sort through all the data, here is a summary for all 4 Team Borah Cadets:

Stage 4 Time-Trial (all times are to the stage winner):
2nd - Jordan Cullen - 0:16 back
7th - Evan Hartig - 0:36 back
11th - Rudy Peterson - 0:40 back
47th - Trevor Rolette - 1:14 back

Stage 5 Criterium (all riders finished at the same time as the winner):
6th - Rudy Peterson
7th - Trevor Rolette
16th - Evan Hartig
24th - Jordan Cullen

Overall GC after stage 5 (all times are to the GC Leader):
3rd - Evan Hartig - 0:46 back
6th - Jordan Cullen - 1:23 back
12th - Rudy Peterson - 1:45 back
37th - Trevor Rolette - 2:21 back

Team GC:
2nd - Team Borah Development - 1:58 back

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