Thursday, September 22, 2011

Junior Development Support from USA Cycling

Jordan was recently invited to attend the USA Cycling National Talent ID Camp in Chula Vista, CA held Oct 30-Nov 3. This is the 3rd successive year Jordan has been invited to this exclusive camp, designed to develop the future US professional road cyclists. Costs of the camp are limited to airfare, and bike transport. USA Cycling picks up all lodging, food, and other transport fees.

Unfortunately, Jordan made a difficult choice last spring, in making cyclocross his priority this year. Between the risk of burn-out, high costs involved, and missing too much school, he was forced to choose. While Jordan did have a phenomenal road season this year, he did pass on the opportunity to road race in Europe with USA Cycling this summer, and is opting out of attending the National Talent ID Camp this fall.

Jordan did get the opportunity to attend an invite only Cyclocross Camp in Helena, MT in July. USA Cycling provide the same level of support there as they do for the Talent ID Camp.

Good to see USA Cycling providing these opportunities for promising young cyclists.

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