Thursday, February 15, 2007

Medtronic CRDM's New Digs

Anyone who's travelled near the intersection of 35W and 10 in Moundsview has probably noticed the new buildings taking shape on the NW corner. Starting this fall, it will be my new work location.

It's a pretty cool facility with all the modern corporate amenities and conveniences. One of the highlights is a 4-story covered parking ramp. My commute will pretty much be the same. I just wish the "Unweave the Weave" construction on the 35E/694 commons would finish ahead of schedule.

The new place is even closer to the velodrome than I am now. It may influence my amount of spectating, but not my participation.


Skibby said...

Dude, this is perfect! You can put your new track bike in the new container at the track, Carla wouldn't have to know! :)

Donimator said...

I won't tell her, I promise