Saturday, May 21, 2011

Freewheel Frolic MTB Race - Jordan wins his first MTB race

Jordan's first ever MTB race was a muddy one
Someone needs to be hosed down

Jordan made his debut in Mountain Biking today at the MN Season Opener, the Freewheel Frolic. Soaking rain made for a muddy race, but Jordan prevailed, winning the Comp class overall by 3.5 minutes.

Jordan did 4 laps on the soggy course, spending most of the first lap picking his way to the front of the Comp field, which is staggered in waves, with Jordan starting in the 2nd wave. The muddy conditions wreaked havoc on people drive trains, leaving many to call it a day early.

On the 3rd lap, Jordan over shot a turn, and piled into a barbed wire fence. He cut up his leg, but that didn't stop him. He remounted, and carried on. That's the kind of toughness it takes to be a winner! He finished first in the Comp class, and caught may of the elite field as well, who started a full 7 minutes in front of him.

Halfway through the race, the sun came out, which was not a good thing for the riders. This dried the course, making the mud stickier, and accumulating on the bike. Jordan's bike must have weighed twice it's normal weight by the finish.

The event was a lot of fun, and I was very impressed with the organization. We will be back.

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jaska said...

Jordan rode really well, congrats! Next race will be in Mankato and passing will much easier. And lot's of climbing, too. Hopefully less mud. It took a couple of hours to clean the bike and other gear, although I think white parts of the Flanders jersey are never going to be the same again...