Saturday, May 21, 2011

NSC Velodrome Opener - Jordan wins the Cat 3 Omnium

Photo courtesy of Anthony Kwan

Jordan shined under the Thursday Night Lights for the season track opener at the NSC Velodrome. The Cat 3 competition was tough with 16 riders, including a contingent from both Speedfix and Flanders.

The Cat 3's started with a Win and Out, with Speedfix's John McGuire taking a commanding win, followed by Nathan Brennaman 2nd, and Jordan 3rd.

Next were the Chariot Races, where Jordan was able to win both his heat and the final.

The last race of the night was a 50 lap scratch race. Speedfix's Rich Bergstrom took a flyer right away, and Jordan rode aggressively in pursuit. Jordan's aggression resulted in getting away solo, and lapping the field. He didn't stop there. He continued his aggression, and got away again, this time wit Speedfix's Matthew Montesano, and Flanders teammate, Merrill Lutsky. Jordan towed them around to lap the field again. That gave him his 2nd race win of the night, and 1st in the nights omnium. What a performance!

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