Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007

Happy New Year Bloggers.

I managed to get the flu bug on New Year's Eve morning. Still down for the count. I guess this is my mandatory rest period for this winter.

In the end, I was successful in passing my previous annual bests for training mileage and hours. I surpassed my 2005 mileage on Thanksgiving, and ended up besting it by over 1000 miles. It took me till the beginning of this past week to finally surpass my 1999 training hours (bested by 11 hours).

And wouldn't you know it, we finally get a little snow. We only got about an inch on the east side, but I here the west side got much more. I needed the white stuff to get me in the mood for skiing at Big Sky in March anyway. Too bad I was too sick to shovel.

I was sitting right at 209lbs prior to getting the Flu. I'm a bit lighter now, but I know it will come right back once I recover. Sill shooting for 190lbs by July.

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Brian Koeneman said...

Get well daddy-o. I'm TKO with a killer cold as well. I have a new blog so you should update your linky thingy.