Sunday, January 21, 2007

Poor Painman

Painman showed up for today's 318 ride with his unmounted studded tires in hand. Treb, Red Lantern, and I watched patiently, as he switched out his tires, and in the process froze his fingers off.

Bernie and Skibby put their tail between their legs via e-mail. Johnny B was a no show. Hey, Red Lantern made it. You guys should be ashamed.

We took bets on how many falls there would be today. Painman won that bet with a guess of 1. Treb was gravity's first and only victim today. I engaged in several risky maneuvers, but was somehow able to avoid going down.

Treb initiated the ride by hammering through the crustier portion of the trail. The MTB was definitely an advantage today on that terrain, over the cross bikes. Red Lantern and Painman seemed to sink in and slide all over, while Treb and I were able to stay on top, as long as the speed was high.

Once we got to the paved sections of the trail, it was a different story. Red Lantern had our number. Treb and I definitely worked hard to keep pace. Painman did not contribute to the higher pace, but was unsuccessful at slowing RL down.

Moose and Sadies Bacon and Broccoli Quiche was the order of the day, sans Red Lantern, who opted for a bag of mixed nuts instead? We chatted briefly with Dispenser who was working there today.

When we got back to the crustier section of the trail, Treb took over. It just plain hurt. He finally backed off, and had Painman waving the white flag. I couldn't resist, I took over, and we continued on with the torrid pace. Painman and RL threw in the towel, and left Treb and I to finish what we started.

At one point, this big older dude with his dog, coming in the opposite direction, would not give much, if any, room to pass. Clearly it was his trail. Treb and I rode by and got a friendly "A$$holes". RL's encounter was a bit more colorful of an exchange, and Painman rode by with the simple situation diffusing "Hi". It was my first experience with "Trail Rage".

All of us were spent at the end. Painman was quoted as stating, "Payback is a bitch, guys." Oh, we are well aware of that, but we've got to take advantage when we can.


Dan Cleary said...

That was funs times out there. Comfortable temperature, slippy trails to add some white knuckling, and good guys to ride with out there.

Painman said...

Great re-cap, next time we have to get a photo of the guy who owns the trail. I'm still full from that egg pie.

What the heck did you feed Treb prior to the ride, that guy was on fire!

Lunatic Biker said...

You guys weren't on the Greenway around 1 or 1:30 were you?

JimmerC said...

Yes. Headed east.

Lunatic Biker said...

Cool. Then it was you guys I saw when I was on my Rollo. Next time get Skibby off the couch.

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