Saturday, October 27, 2007

"I got my a$$ kicked today, by a fairy."

At least that's what one C racer said, that finished behind Jordan at Red Barn.

Linda and Jordan swapped genders for Red Barn, and what a hoot it was (We surely missed you and the Mrs today Ray). Watching Jordan's wings fly back as he rode kept everyone in stitches. Linda went as a 60's Pimp Daddy. I went as Captain Jack Sparrow, eye makeup and all. Jordan tied for 1st in the C race costume contest, and Linda won the B race costume contest.I overheated during my race a bit, but beating Super Rookie, and Mostly Naked Red Lantern, for 1st prize in the A race costume contest was worth every bead of sweat.

Jordan won the C4's, and Linda won the B3's. I'm pretty sure I finished 9th in the A3's, just missing the cutoff for CRY points (see, Maren). Doug Swanson won the A race handily, followed by Hareland. Casper got tangled up with Bergman on the last lap and lost a couple spots.

Lovely Linda aka Pimp Daddy

Got a little Captain in you?

Red Bull gives you wings

Look, it's a flying fairy.

There's a new sheriff in town, and his name is Skibby.

The start of the B race women, led by a man.


3rd Place in the costume contest (out of 3).

Painman gets a hand-up from the fairy.

I think I heard Arrrrrgh cheered to me 1000 times during the race.

Post race dehydration setting in.


ghost said...

Linda was supposed to be a hippie, repleat with 5lb peace medallion around her neck that somehow failed to knock out her teeth. But the rasta interpretation is close enough.

JimmerC said...

I stand corrected. Carla pointed that out too.

Lunatic Biker said...

Jimmer, that's a great pirate look you've got going. Master Jordan Cullen, I can't come up with the words. You had to win the costume contest. Off the charts rock and rollish. Props to Carla for hooking the boys up.

Dan Cleary said...

good times Jimmer. good times.

Lynne said...

I was admiring your cool pirate costume when I was IMMEDIATELY corrected by her daughter that I was looking at Cap'n Jack Sparrow. And she would know a great costume since she helped her mom with mom's winning C race costume. Great costume and hearing all the "Arrrrgh!" cheers was a riot.

June said...

Hello, can I get permission to use a couple of your pictures for an article I'm writing? Its theme is costumes versus the real thing. Thanks!
Lake Superior Cycling Club

JimmerC said...

No problem June. I consider my pictures public domain. Be sure to click on them to get the full resolution pic.

Anonymous said...

Jordan looked like he was enjoying being a fairy a little too much!

June said...

thanks for use of the photos. the goofy article I wrote is on my team's website.