Thursday, February 28, 2008

5 Short Weeks Till LSC Training Camp

April 3-6, 2008 in Whalan, MN. Jordan's going to be there this year. If a 12 year old can make it, what's your excuse?

Click here for a 2007 Camp Summary

2006 Camp Summary:
Group of 11 departed at 1:30PM on dry roads @55deg. Rain started on the first climb, and was spotty from that point on.

Stats: 57 miles, 3:15 ride time, 4 significant climbs, lots of rollers, No flat tires.

Group of 18 departed at 10:30AM on wet roads @35deg. Rain was spotty for first half of the ride. A few took the short option. More took the mid option, and a hearty 6 took the Hundred mile route. Headwinds were relentless. Speed into the wind on the flats was less than 12mph at times.

Stats: 100 wet and windy miles, 6:30 ride time, 7 significant climbs, tons of rollers, 12 flat tires.

Group of 26 departed at 10AM on dry roads @40deg. No rain. A few took the short and mid options. A record 18 took the Hundred mile route. Congrats to new member Jake Cohen on his first Century (Thanks Neil).

Stats: 102 great miles, 6:00 ride time, 9 significant climbs (around 5000ft total), tons and tons of rollers, no flats.

Pouring rain and freezing temps. Camp deserted. Ride cancelled.

Overall Stats: 257 miles, 15.75 hours in 3 days.


StevenCX said...

That sounds miserable. I hear Texas and Arizona are nice in spring.

Painman said...

Hot digity dog, I'll see you there.

Tucker said...

Is this LSC only?

JimmerC said...

Sorry. LSC Only.

Skibby said...

uhh, your stats are wrong. Saturday, I did 120 miles and had one flat when you were back at camp. Then on Sunday there was a ride, we had a bunch of flats but you wouldn't know that cuz you wussed out and went home.... ;)

Skibby said...

oops, I read the wrong year summary! guess I'm wrong as usual! oh well, I'll be there, complaining every step of the way, and won't be in shape for the long miles, but you know what? That Saturday night? you better not fall asleep on the couch again cuz if you do? I'll be out riding....

Skibby said...

Tucker, if you want to do the camp you can join LSC...

Tone Coughlin said...

I'm in.