Monday, June 30, 2008

MN Master 35+ Open Mid-Season Review

Durand Road RaceGreg GoblirschLoon State Cyclists
Ken Woods Road RaceGordy PaulsonPlanet Bike
Excelsior CriteriumPete HannaBianchi Grand Performance
Marty Road RaceJim CullenLoon State Cyclists
South Range Road RaceBrian HaasAlberto's Sport
Lakewoods Road RaceBrian HaasAlberto's Sport
Cloquet CriteriumJay HendersonSilver Cycling
Duluth Classic Stage Race GCCharlie JacobsGrandStay Hotels
Richmond Roller Road RaceBryan JoasChippewa Valley Cycling Club
Birchwood Road RacePete HannaGrand Performance
GrandStay CriteriumPete MaxwellG.S.Circo Azzuro

It's been a great season in the Masters 35+ Open category. Lots of great competition, and fun racing. Here is my take on the season thus far.

Best Newcomer Award:

Pete Hanna

Dale Sedgwick

This one is easy. Pete Hanna turning 35 this year, with Dale Sedgwick as his wingman has given the field a new dimension. Hanna is still winning Cat 1/2 races, and when he opts to race masters, everyone knows he's the one to watch.

Most Improved Award:

Chad Christenson

I'm giving the nod to Chad Christenson. He won the Masters 4/5 ROY last year. This year, he has definitely taken his racing to the next level. He has improved on his already strong TT performance, and is finishing consistantly well in the Road Races and Crits.

"That Sucks" Award:
A crash at this years Stillwater Cat 2/3 Crit ended the season for both Charlie Jacobs and Jim Parker. What's worse was it was no fault of their own, but another rider crashing out in front of them. Losing 2 of the strongest masters riders at the same time definitely sucks.

Most Noticeable Absences:
With Scott Flanders sidelined, and Alex Dobbertin switching to GSCA, the Flanders team has been noticeably absent in the Masters Open ranks. Birchwood has also disappeared, but resurfaced as G.S. Circo Azzurro. Mr. Consistancy, Paul Rennert, has been sidelined by health issues for the season, but watch for him to make a strong comeback in 2009.


Tone Coughlin said...

I can't wait until I'm 35, seems to be where all the glory is theses days.

b2b said...

there's no glory in 35+ racing. it's done purely for fun.

if anyone gets an ego stroke from winning a local 35+ race they've gone round the bend.

one of the best things about the local 35+ 1/2 scene is that everyone seems to have it in the proper perspective. the glory days have past and it's now more about the love of riding and racing.

all the glory and serious business is in the 1-2's. it matters more there.

Painman said...

Well said b2b.