Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What's Up Dog?

Our beloved Golden Retriever, Gulliver, has been acting very strange lately.

We have never fed him from the dinner table, or given him "people" food. He gets a strict diet of "Dog" food. As a result, he's not much of a beggar, which is nice. As a bonus, he doesn't normally jump on counters and steal food either.

However, couple weeks ago, he snatched a bag with a couple of doughnuts off the couch, as well as a Hostess Apple pie from my workout bag, and chowed them down, paper and all. No ill effects, but we were a bit stunned.

He has always had this habit of carrying gloves and socks around, but he normally doesn't chew on them. We just find them all over the house. Well, last week, he got a hold of one of my cycling gloves, and shredded it. He ate some of it as well, and has been throwing it up, and pooping it out since.

He's also been getting more freaked out by Thunderstorms, and cowers in the basement.

We're not sure why his behavior is changing so dramatically, but we've decided to give him more attention in the form of walks, etc. Not ready for the Dog Whisperer quite yet.

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Lunatic Biker said...

Hopefully, he won't get to Master Cullen's costume from last Halloween.