Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another HOT night at the Dog

Timmer looks to be rested and ready for another run at his Firehouse 50 TT record on Saturday. He ran his fastest Black Dog time of the year, 14:16, followed closely by arch rival Dan Casper in 14:25. Should be a good battle between the 2 of them this weekend.

I suffered in the heat, but no ill effects from last weekends crash, so I'm also ready to take on the Firehouse 50 on the Tandem with stoker Linda Sone.

This week, I started 30 seconds behind Shishilla, so I was hoping for a fast time. I went out pretty hard, and had closed to within 15 seconds at the turnaround. That was all I had though, and he gained ground on the way back.

Carla and I had the perfect warm-up on the tandem tonight, only to have the chain drop to the little ring at the start. It took us several seconds of soft pedalling before we got it back into the big ring. We rode very well after that, but lost too much time to show a good result, I figure around 15-20secs. We still rode a respectable 16:41.

Fastest Times:
Timmer - 14:16
Casper - 14:25
Jimmer - 14:58
Kostik - 14:59
Shishilla - 15:05

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Anonymous said...

Bummer about dropping the chain on the tamdem. That has happened to Charlie and I a few times, and it is frustrating, especially to get back to speed again! Hopefully, Charlie and I will be back at the Dog for the tandem race next time! Good luck at FH50 with Sone. Sherry