Wednesday, July 09, 2008


It wasn't originally in our plan, but we decided to do the TNT Time-trial in Medina on Tuesday night. A strong west wind made for a challenge, but the times were still pretty fast. Results Posted

Just to make things interesting, I spent over an hour before the race, in the parking lot, swapping out Jordan's drop bars for a full aero setup. We opted for a late start, and I lucked out with Jey Carlson as my 1 minute rabbit. I just caught Jey before the finish, riding one of my faster times of 24:08. My average speed was identical to the Hamel TT on Sunday.

Jordan rocked the 10.9mi course with his new full aero setup, in 28:09. That's over 2 minutes faster than his fastest time last year of 30:14. He had a much better day than he did at Hamel on Sunday. However, it looks like he's coming down with a cold.

Newcomer Toftoy took the win in 24:41, with Timmer 2nd in 24:48. I was 3rd, virtually tied with Matt Anderson.

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