Saturday, March 03, 2007

Jordan's First Mountain Skiing

We skied a half day Friday at Bridger Bowl. They got 30 inches of snow on Wednesday night. It was pretty carved up, but still decent powder conditions. Jordan loved it. He dove right into the steeper terrain, and learned fast how to control his balance and speed in the powder. I was proud, and grateful for the tune-up, knowing Big Sky was going to be a whole different ballgame.

Fast forward to Saturday. As we approach Big Sky Resort, you can clearly see Lone Peak which is an amazing sight. I'm not a very seasoned skier, and have not frequented many resorts out west, but the prominence of Lone Peak is incredible.

We went for the peak right away. No holding back. It takes 3 lifts to get to the top, including the Lone Peak Tram, which is a scary ride for us with a fear of heights. As you board the Tram, it clearly states, "Experts only. There is no easy way down. This lift services most difficult and extremely difficult terrain."

I didn't see any other kids waiting for the Tram, which made me a bit nervous, but I knew Jordan was capable of Liberty Bowl. The top was socked in a bit, and visibility was minimal. Never having been there, we stumbled our way blindly over to what we assumed was Liberty Bowl. I was pretty nervous. It was very steep, and you couldn't see the fall line at all. Jordan gave me "We have to go down that?". We both sucked it up, and jump turned our way down slowly. Keep in mind the peak is at 11K+ feet, so we got tired pretty quick, and had to rest a few times. Finally, we could see the tree line, and felt more comfortable. We cruised the rest of the way down, up another lift, and back to the base. Jordan says "That was the best time I've ever had skiing." I sported an ear-to-ear smile the rest of the day.

Our condo kicks butt. It even has Internet access. No one tell Carla, but I actually made dinner tonight. Spaghetti and Texas Toast is nothing to brag about, but seeing as how the most impressive thing on my cooking resume is making a bowl of cereal, and throwing a frozen pizza in the oven, it was definitely a photo opportunity. Makes me appreciate her all that much more.

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