Friday, March 02, 2007

Road Trip

We hit the road just after Noon during the snowstorm Thursday. It took us 2 hours to get from Woodbury to Rogers. Then it took us another 12 hours to get to Billings, Montana. Treb napped briefly, while super-trouper Jordan was wide awake in the back watching DVD's and playing PSP. We finally crashed at the Super8 in Billings @ 3AM.

Driving conditions varied. Hard packed ice/snow all the way to Fargo. Lots of wind lead to drifting snow in ND and MT. The roads would be clear, then all of a sudden we would hit snow across the road. No close calls really, just kept me on my feet. We saw lots of cars and trucks in the ditch, including a snow plow in ND. At about midnight, we saw a jackknifed semi eastbound, with stopped traffic behind. Sucks to be them.

The plan is to hit Bridger Bowl for a half day Friday, stay in Bozeman Friday night, and then head to Big Sky on Sat AM.

Sounds like MSP continued to get hammered last night. I-90 was closed in South Dakota yesterday too. Thankfully I-94 didn't get hit as bad. A shout goes out to Painman and Johnny B for getting Treb and I into the Horribly Hilly 200K. Word is it filled up already.


Anonymous said...

You can pay us back buy pulling us through the thing.

Dan Cleary said...

muther effer. after reminding painman, i forgot to register for the HHH