Tuesday, November 18, 2008

State Champion - NOT

Photo Courtesy of Skinnyski.com

Jordan managed to finish 3rd overall out of 100 riders in the "C" race at the MN State Cyclocross Championships. That made him the official NOT MN State Champion in the Juniors 10-14, given that we live in Wisconsin. Our State Championships are this coming weekend near Milwaukee, WI.

Huge props to Hollywood for the best cross race of the season.


Smithers said...

Congrats to Jordan on his NOT victory. With his talents he can be confident in many more non-MN state championships to come.

He will probably get some victories here and there too.

Donimator said...

nice bike

Jason said...

he's the state champion as far as i'm concerned. He races here more than anyone else. He's honorary.

painman said...

Painman has way more not state championships, piece of cake.