Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jordan's Time Machine, almost ready

Just waiting for the 7900 Crankset with Junior gearing (52/39), and front derailleur. Should come in under 16lbs.


Dan Cleary said...

he does know how lucky/fortunate he is? seriously, he knows, right?

that bike is awesome

Anonymous said...

So where do you keep the flux capacitor?


JimmerC said...

He's obviously spoiled, but he appreciates what he has. His excitement and enthusiasm towards his bikes and the sport is his way of showing his gratitude.

Certainly doesn't hurt to remind him once and a while how lucky he is, to keep him grounded.

jorgehuevo said...

see it as an investment jim, that is going to pay dividens, sooner than later, i can forsee that.

prety nice machine

i think im going to see jordan chasing the other wisconsin kid steps, soon hell be at the livestrong camp, with him

Anonymous said...

The ride is ill! The Cobra approves the new ride.
Keep it rubber side down.
Peace out,
The Cobra
ps...thanks to you & your Dad for dropping me on the 318!

H-WooD said...

jimmer run that front brake housing in front of the rest.
Its Flanders style, and now so are you guys.
It'll help with any front end changes in the future, like steerer tube length.
Party on H-WooD

JimmerC said...

Thanks Hwood. Bergy beat you to it. Already fixed. Turns out all my bikes are wrong. Gotta fix em all now.

Donimator said...

My XXL Wilier is 15 lbs flat biootch, think it isn't?