Tuesday, May 18, 2010

River Falls TT #2

What a difference 2 weeks make. Tonight was perfect bike racing weather. 80 degrees and light winds. Nothing like the chilly blustery conditions last time. We did our 2nd practice TT in River Falls, on a course designed to match the Junior Nationals TT course.

Like last time, I started 1 minute in front of Jordan. Once again, he made up most of his deficit by the top of the first climb. I held him off to the turnaround, where a farm tractor and a couple cars made for an interesting turnaround. No traffic on the entire course until that point. Go figure.

Up the return climb, Jordan made the inevitable pass. However, I was able to hold him in sight all the way to the final descent. Near the bottom, I was able to re-pass him. This motivated him, and he re-passed me. This happened a couple more times until he passed me for good. Great ride.

Both of us improved our times over from 2 weeks ago.

Last week:
Jordan 31:40
Jimmer: 31:55

This week:
Jordan: 30:36 (1 min, 4 sec improvement)
Jimmer: 31:39 (16 second improvement)

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