Friday, September 19, 2008

Feed the machine

Maren finally got into the doctor Thursday, and they suspect it's nutrition based. This is based on her being "shaky" and "lethargic" during hard efforts. She needs to learn to eat more (of the right stuff) the day of the race, especially at lunch and a hour or so before her race.

She still needs to go back for an EKG. If it is cardiac based, her inhaler could be making it worse, so no more of that for now. They did allow her to keep running and racing.

Thanks for every one's concern. I'll keep you posted. Her next meet is next Tuesday.


Lunatic Biker said...

Here comes the whole wheat germ and broccoli diet.

GoBigGreen said...

ferritin check? Fe deficiency comes b4 full on anemia-
just something many young women have w/o being Anemic.
good luck:)