Sunday, September 07, 2008

Jordan Wins Cleghorn 21 Mile Road Race

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Jordan won his first WISPORT race today in Cleghorn, WI. There were 2 races held at the same time. The heavy hitters opted for the 42 miler, where Jordan and I opted for the 21 miler. Jordan was 4th last year in the 21 miler, and I won the 42 miler. After racing hard yesterday, I opted to ride domestique for Jordan and try to get him the win.

More than 50 on the line for the 21 mile race, which started just after the 42 mile race. I took the front at the start with Jordan on my wheel, and hammered up the rollers on the first leg, with a tailwind. This gained a separation for 5 of us. I kept the pressure on and drilled the first turn into the cross wind. Only Jordan and Ken Myszkewicz were able to follow, as we distanced the other 2. Ken kindly pulled through to grow the gap and Jordan stayed tucked in.

Our gap was growing when we turned into the headwind, and Ken and I continued to trade pulls. At this point, I was pretty sure the 3 of us were away for good. It would be very difficult for Jordan to out sprint Ken in the downhill finish, so I knew Jordan would need to get away at some point.

Ken didn't appear to have any problem with the 2 climbs on the backside. Jordan pulled up the 2nd longer climb, but Ken stuck to him like glue. Ken and I were talking about intentions. I told him my goal was to get Jordan the win (like it wasn't obvious anyway), and he stated he had every intention of winning himself. No gifts. The way it should be.

Before the start of the race, I previewed the last couple miles of the course. There is a 2 stepped climb about a mile out, and the rest is mostly downhill. I went on the 2nd step last year and it worked, so I told Jordan he should attack there if we are still in a group.

Ken took the front up the first step, followed by me and then Jordan. On the second step, I signalled for Jordan to attack. He came by like a bullet, and Ken reacted quickly. Jordan had a small gap over the top, and kept the hammer down. Ken was now faced with the tough situation of chasing Jordan down with me sucking wheel.

Jordan buried himself, and was able to hold on for the win, with Ken taking a well earned 2nd, followed by me third. The smile on Jordan's face as I caught up to him after the finish was priceless. He rode a good race, and finished brilliantly. I am beyond proud. Hats off to Ken for working hard to keep the 3 of us away, and riding a great race. His wife and son did the race too, and finished together. Great to see a family racing together.

The 42 mile race turned out to be a barn burner with a group of 4 including Dewey Dickey, Mark Brone, Ken Statz, and another gaining a gap on the first lap. Dewey rode hard tempo through the rollers at the start of the 2nd lap, and only Ken Statz was able to follow. The chase group was 20+ strong, and with Brone coming back, Brones Bike shop started helping Gordy Paulson, Matt Muyers and others who had been chasing for the entire 1st lap.

Dewey and Ken worked well together, but stayed in sight of the chase. Dewey drilled it over the top of the long climb on the backside, and dropped Ken. The chase group shrunk to about a dozen over the same climb. Dewey soloed in for the win, and Ken was just able to hold off the hard charging chase. What a suffer fest, too bad I missed it. Congrats to Dewey on the win.

Dewey made winning look easy

Ken Statz just held off Borgenheimer and Settergren

Matt Muyers and Gordy Paulson did a lot of work.


StevenCX said...

Congrats to Jordan - great report!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time! Cheers!

Painman said...

Impresive win, nice job Jordo!

dan i. said...

"Ken took the front up the first step, followed by me and then Jordan" - Big mistake. Look out! Jordan's a comin for you! :)

The Koeneman Shack said...

Hey Jim,
I've been getting slammed with work so I haven't returned your call. Drop me your phone # again and I'll make good.

Jim Blodgett said...

Thanks for coming over. Here is a pic of Jordan setting you up: