Saturday, September 27, 2008

Madcross - Day 1

Jordan had another phenomenal performance. He finished 2nd overall in the Juniors 10-18 race at the UCI Planet Bike Cup. The 17 year old winner was 2nd in the Short and Fat last week.

During his warm-up, he flatted his brand new tubular on his racing wheels. Luckily, our gracious hosts, Gordy and Diane loaned us a fast wheel. They are so generous.

I did my first cross race, the Masters 40+. I started dead last, and then picked off riders as they blew sky high. It is a much easier tactic for me than battling for position with other riders that will blow in a lap or two anyway. I know my place in cross. I'm not going to place in the money, so why deny others the pleasure of going for it while I sit back and watch the fireworks?

I finished 22nd out of around 40 riders. Dewey won the 40+, and Casper bounced off the ground and a tree to take 5th place.

Linda Sone finished 9th in the Elite Women. Bjorn finished an impressive 3rd in the elite men. Fun races to watch.

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