Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wisport Worlds Road Race

Jordan and I both did the Cat 1/2/3 road race at WISPORT worlds. The 50 miles race was 3 laps, with a challenging 1.5 mile climb each lap.

At the start, I told Gordy that I was going to sit in, ignore any breakaway attempts, and wait for the climb. That lasted about 2 miles. Todd Kinart and Dan Borgenheimer had a gap, and I saw the opportunity to bridge. I figured I'd just go across and sit on, hoping to get a head start on the climb instead of my original plan.

Todd and Dan did not like my plan, and eventually talked me into working with them. Back in the field, no one chased, and our gap was 1.5 minutes by the base of the climb. Todd set the pace and a moderate tempo. I was able to follow, but Dan popped a little towards the top. I took the lead on the downhill, and Dan chased back on no problem.

I wasn't feeling great, and I was sure things would come back together. Todd and Dan were doing most of the work, with me pulling through very little. At the end of the first lap, we could see 2 riders coming across the gap. It turned out to be Lance Niles and Rich Settergren. They took a very short rest, and joined in the rotation.

I continued to sit on, and pulled through maybe once on the way to the 2nd time up the climb. I watched as Dan kept driving hard, and wondered how he would make it up the climb with all the work he was doing. Sure enough, we hit the climb, and Dan popped almost immediately. I had to bury myself to maintain contact with the other 3. I got gapped half way up, but clawed my way back.

I continued to sit on the back, while Lance and Rich did a majority of the work, with Todd pulling through as well. I think I pulled through maybe 2 times before the last climb. I just wasn't confident enough in my climbing.

The last time up the climb was actually easier for me than the 2nd, but I knew someone would attack near the top. Sure enough, Rich amped it up towards the top, drawing away Lance, and leaving Todd and I behind. We tried to catch them on the decent, but we were both cooked.

Todd and I decided to keep pushing, and try not to get caught by the rest. It was a tough slog, with both of us very tired, but we made it. I didn't contest for 3rd place, since Todd did so much more work all day than I did. It was only fair.

Jordan finished in the main field behind us. They were all talking about how well he rode, and how strong he was on the climbs. I was so proud, and the best part is he got to see first hand how a race develops, and how tactics are played out. Way to go Jordan.


muyres said...

Good morning. Great race. Tough climb. Me, Mike Johnson and Mark Brone hung out near the back everytime up whistling dixie.

Mark Brone said...

Thanks for helping make the Worlds Event a success Jimmer & Jordan! As good a rider as you've been Jimmer that son of yours has a future if he sticks with it! It was fun watching him take it all in and punish some of us older vets on that climb...why did I pick that climb again?! It was my undoing! The course has got to stay though and I look for an even larger turn out next year...Have a great CX season you two!