Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, She's Back

400m to go

Strong finish!

After a couple miscues in the early part of the cross country season, Maren finished her first race today in Menomonie, WI. She was so exhausted at the finish, she literally collapsed in the finish chute. Once she recovered, she was her normal happy self, thanking and hugging everyone. I got pridefully choked up.

She's been having trouble with pacing, starting too fast, and then dying. Today's course was especially challenging with several tough climbs, and wet conditions. She decided to start easy, and pick up her pace throughout the race. She did exactly that. She started way at the back, and slowly worked her way up during the entire race. She looked exceptionally strong on the toughest hill on the course.

Carla and I are so proud of her tenacity. Battling you inner demons is a tough part of endurance sports, and she is winning the battle now.

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