Saturday, August 02, 2008

Firehouse 50 Records Fall

Sunny, dry, and calm conditions led to a lot of broken records at the 2008 Firehouse 50. Timmer Mulrooney broke his 2005 Individual TT record of 1:53:02 by an astounding 1.5mins, posting an amazing 1:51:26. That is an average speed of almost 27mph! Lance Niles also impressively broke the old record, finished 2nd in 1:52:38. Dan Casper overcame a sinus infection to finish a fast 3rd, in a personal best 1:53:29.

After annihilating the 2-person Team TT record in 2007, Gear West triathletes David Thompson and Kevin O'Connor joined forces with Curt Wood and Brian Bich to break the 4-person Team TT record. They averaged almost 28mph, breaking the record by over 1.5mins, posting a 1:46:46. The old record of 1:48:26, also set in 2005, was held by the Spring Street Sports team of Gordy Paulson, Chris Halverson, Nick Robertson, and Joe Wawrzaszek.

Finally, Linda Sone and I broke the Mixed Tandem TT record by almost 4 minutes, posting a 1:56:13. We were hoping for some stiff competition from Tandem National Champions Gordy Paulson and Diane Ostenso, but they opted for the Mixed 2-person TT, in preparation for Masters World Championships coming up in a couple weeks in Austria. Good luck!

Results Posted

Sub 2-hour TT Times:
Team Gear West1:46:46
Team Brones Bike Shop1:49:08
Timmer Mulrooney1:51:26
Lance Niles1:52:38
Dan Casper1:53:29
John Shishilla1:55:49
Sone/Cullen Tandem1:56:13

Gettin' Started
Post Race - That was fun
Mixed Tandem Winners - Linda Sone and Me
Individual TT Winner (5th year in a row) - Timmer Mulrooney
Mixed 2-person TT Winners - Gordy Paulson and Diane Ostenso
Male 2-Person TT Winners - Ron Raymond and Roger Parenteau


Tone Coughlin said...

Who was the stoker?

JimmerC said...

That would be Linda. You'd be hard pressed to find a tandem that would fit me as a stoker. Besides, everyone knows I'm a control freak.