Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hell has frozen over

This is what 16:17 looks like.
This is what 14:44 looks like.

Yep. I got beat in a TT by Painman. Didn't see that one coming. Congrats to Painman. I suck at stock. I rode 16:17, Painman rode 16:15.

Casper unleashed an Olympic effort to break 15 minutes for a new stock record of 14:58. He definitely earned the HED Ardennes wheels. Timmer was 2nd in 15:18. Other road fasties showed up, but came up short against the top 2 black doggers.

Redemption was provided with my tandem ride with Linda Sone. We smoked a 14:44 for the new mixed tandem record, as well as the fastest time of the night (since almost everyone rode stock).

Jordan was feeling the itch, and will probably ride the final black dog, with his purple cast.


Painman said...

2 Favorite moments of the night:

1. Looking at results and seeing the realization hit Wards face, priceless.

2. "you D**K Head Chad" Ward called me a bad name, priceless.

Keep in mind Choo choo has bested me by no less then 30 seconds in every other event, this is an anomoly.

timmer said...

jimmer didn't even break a sweat!! way off his game but good job chad.. pain pays..

S1 said...

It just keeps getting more fun! Thanks for giving me the opportunity.