Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mush in Mauston

Got dropped today at the WISPORT road race in Mauston, WI. I've got no legs right now. Jim Moore of Brone's Bike Shop won the hard way, soloing for 10 miles, just off the front of the main field, to finish just seconds ahead for a well earned victory.

Last year, it was rainy, cold, and calm. This year, it was Sunny and warm, with a West wind, and brought out some fasties. Jay Woller made the trek with me, and Jordan came to watch. Right away we could see a strong contingent from Brone's and Spring Street.

The course has 4 longer climbs and plenty of rollers. Last year, only 8 of us made the selection at the top of the 1st climb. This year, we went just as hard, but it didn't split up. There must have been over 30 guys headed into the second climb. My legs were very heavy in the flats, and I was struggling on the climbs. Luckily, I was able to pick my way through the dropped riders on each climb to maintain contact with the group.

Then it happened. I slowly slipped off the back in the flats just before the last climb. I wasn't winded, but had no power left. I joined 3 others who got spit out soon after, and ended up rolling in 17th. Sucks when you have a bad day. As a consolation, Woller ended up 4th.

1. Jim Moore
2. Mike Suntgen
3. Dave Metza
4. Jay Woller

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