Monday, October 27, 2008


Equates to:
A) The average value a racer's bike exceeds the value of his car.
B) The cost of Smithers ambulance ride on Sunday.
C) The amount MN racers would be willing to donate to get Greg McCrea to start wearing bibshorts?
D) The amount the Cullen's have spent on Race Entry Fees in 2008.

Answer: D

138 races
Jimmer: $1542.55
Jordan: $935.12
Total: $2477.67

And there are still 10 more races.

If anyone should be bitching about race fees, it should be us. And we aren't complaining. $20 is a bargain, $25 is the norm, $30 seems excessive, but isn't, given the right circumstances.


Painman said...

How about E all of the above!

StevenCX said...

Actually your race fees alone was about the cost of my ambulance ride.

T3 said...

balls! that's-a-lot-a-meatballs...

Bob Schwartz said...

Where entry fees hurt the sport is in recruiting new riders, not the people that are already sold on it like you guys. There is no doubt that the sport is getting more expensive, and too many of the cost drivers are external.

Are people weighing the cost of driving into race day attendance decisions? I think they are, and there isn't much that can be done about that. But it's more than it used to be.

And then there's the extra $10 that the USCF clips new riders for. These are things that mean a lot more to people that can take it or leave it, as opposed to people that are already committed to the sport.

All The Way Ray said...

Let's not forget Carla's Black Dog entry fees.

muyres said...

and minus your winnings, what would your NET be...?

Anonymous said...

I know Tri's have gone up, but you get a swim cap, bottle, hi tech T-shirt, cook out with all the food under the sun all for around $40. Oh and chip timing and so on. 3 different events to boot. And a crowd. In comparison, cycling is of poor value and little interest to the fans, who are usually dragged to the location.

JimmerC said...

I don't track winnings as closely, since it is typically in the form of gift certificates. I can't imagine the total winnings value for both Jordan and I exceeds $500.

dan i. said...

Whoa! I wish I could do that many events, but there's just no way I could pull that off.

The real value of bike racing is the tremendous thrill ride and competitiveness encountered during a race that you can't really reproduce outside of racing. Even at lower levels you get into the mix and play the game. A fun atmosphere around the race only adds to that experience.

Who are you really competing against in a triathalon? Nobody. I can strap on a HRM and time myself swimming, running, and biking whenever I want. In my mind, tris are about as useful as the Ironman bike ride. I'm really only paying for a T-shirt and an afternoon to hang out with some people I sort of know.