Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jordan Continues His Winning Ways

Jordan had another great race at the Afton Alps Cyclocross Race. He won the C race with 63 racers, including even tougher competition than last week in Hudson. The field included Junior MTB phenom Jack Hinkens, who won the Wirth Classic C race. Also competing was John Gorrilla, who won the C race at Twine Ball.

The start of the C race resulted in a pile-up in the first turn when some of the lead riders went straight instead of turning. Jordan was lucky, and got through clean. No serious injuries, but sadly a couple racers were not able to rejoin the race.

Jordan gained separation with Adam Koble, who had a very successful first road season. Jordan got a gap, and looked to win easily, but Adam closed it down coming into the final barrier. Jordan pushed hard, and just held off the impressive sprint of Koble. Congrats Jordo.

Click here for race photos.

63 Starters in the C race. This shot was right before the pile up at the start.

Jordan pushing it in the turn

Hitting the tough run-up.

Painman leads the first lap of the Cat 3 race.

Suffering over the barrier, just one short lap later.

Sone went off course too, but recovered nicely for the win.
She had ice cream with us a Selma's post race.

Pmax leads the A race.

Pat turned 21 yesterday. He paid a heavy price for partying hard.
He had trouble early, but came on strong late in the race.


Painman said...

1st to 17th...awesome.

Jay Tegeder said...

When Jordan wins the TDF someday, I can tell people I used to beat him when he was 11! He's the best thing that ever happened to the Loons. He'll make us all famous...