Sunday, October 12, 2008

Twine Ball and Wirth Classic CX recaps

Jordan in the Woods at Twine Ball

Fast over the barriers at Twine Ball

Attacking the Hill at Twine Ball

Beautiful Fall Colors at Wirth

Light attendance at Twine Ball, even lighter than last year. People missed riding a fast, fun course on a beautiful fall day. Props to Zim and his crew for a more forgiving course than last year.

To contrast, HUGE fields at the Wirth Classic. 100+ in the C race. Less, but not much less in the B race. Probably around 30 in the A race.

I got lapped 2 times by Dewey and Patty Cakes in both races. I don't feel like I'm going that slow, until the fast guys go blowing by me. I always try to move aside (critical on this weekends single track courses), but they come up so dang fast.

Actually, I think just about the whole field lapped me both days. Not planning on downgrading to a Cat 3. I'll just wait 3 more years until I can race Masters 45+ and do the B race.

Jordan has started paying his entry fees. This weekend, he won $30 at Twine Ball for finishing 3rd overall in the C race, and then won a nice pair of Tifosi sunglasses for winning the younger juniors at the Wirth Classic.

Jordan has now won a total of 3 pairs of Tifosi sunglasses. The whole family now wears them, except Jordan of course. He wears Oakley Radars, which he got for his 13th birthday.

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