Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Championship Jerseys

All Jordan's hard work paid off this summer in the form of 5 2008 championship jerseys. The 4 on the left are his Wisconsin Cycling Association Junior Male State Championship Jerseys (Age 13-14 TT, Road, and Crit; Age 15-16 Crit). The 1 on the right is the WISPORT White Jersey for Best Young Rider under 19. Congratulations Jordan on your success. I've got to give props to both WCA and Wisport for providing these excellent jerseys.


Dan Cleary said...

Now that could easily be something MCF could step up and do for State championships. I'd ignore doing that for ROY, CRY, TT... etc. until there is a better more approach and solid working rules for these series.

I'd argue a club might be able to lead a 5-6 race series individually and not burden the MCF with coordinating all races. That club could award jerseys or other for that smaller series.

We should just look to other states for examples

Lunatic Biker said...

Way to go Master Cullen you old scallywag!

Painman said...

Wear them while you can, you'll out grow them next week.

Nice job!