Friday, October 10, 2008

Cycling Stuff Giveaway

That's right. Free stuff! Preferential treatment afforded to LSC teammates and close friends. Email me: j dot cullen at sbcglobal dot net, or find me at one of this weekend's cross races.

L/XL Giro Helmet - Free!

M Bell Helmet - Free!

Shimano MTB Shoes - Womens Size 39 - Free!

Shimano Road Shoes - Womens Size 38 - Free!

Exustar MTB Shoes - Size 38 - Free!

AXO Road Shoes - Size 36 - Free!

Lake MTB Shoes - Size 36 - Free!


SickBoy said...

Jim, maybe a suggestion - rather than give them away to a bunch of old working stiffs with loaded pockets who don't need free stuff - giving them away to some juniors to help them get into racing might be more rewarding....

JimmerC said...

Sickboy, Duh? The stuff may be free, but I still get to decide who gets it, based on need.

Super said...

Jimmer has small feet!


timmer said...

old working stiffs with loaded pockets and tiny feet.. i smell a new ROY category.

Skibby said...

hey sickboy I see you are selling stuff on the mcf board, maybe instead of selling your stuff to working stiffs to line your working stiff pockets you should donate it to juniors to get them into racing?

paul said...