Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jordan is upgrading to the B race

Two wins, a second, and two thirds in the C race this cross season for Jordan, and he is ready to move up full time to the B race.

Jordan had a tough race today. A crash on the first lap heavily bent in his left shift lever, causing him problems with controlling the bike. He only rides the hoods, partly due to his freshly healed wrist, and also because his wrists hit his bars when he's in the drops.

After losing a ton of spots due to his crash, he regained his composure, and moved back up through the field. He closed to within about 15 seconds of eventual winner Caleb Goltz, but then he ran out of steam, and finished an impressive second.

Kudos to Synergy for putting on a great race, with by far the best shwag this cross season.

Doug Swanson won convincingly today. Jordan hopes to reach his level someday.

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