Saturday, February 28, 2009

Life is Good

Who goes somewhere cold during spring break? We do. Big Sky, Montana.
Waataja, Jordan, and me first time up the lift.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Paul Rennert - A Tragic Loss

Paul Rennert, my friend and teammate, passed away recently due to complications of MS. Very sad news. Our hearts reach out to his wife Tevi and Paul's family.
Happier Times: Paul and Tevi at the 2007 MCF Awards Party

Paul Leading the Masters 35+ field at St. Cloud, July 2007

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Coldsprints - Season 2 Opener

Had a good time at Coldsprints at the new location, te Nomad World Pub. I opted out, but Jordan was up for it. There were some technical issues, which messed up Jordan's first ride. His re-ride qualified him 3rd behind a couple of familiar faces from the Cross Season, Randall Dietel and Noah Jenson.

The head 2 head matches were hit an miss, with technical issues. Jordan won his first couple heats, but the issues kept causing delays, and re-matches. We were ready to leave, when they called Jordan up to race 2nd seed Noah Jenson. Noah edged Jordan out. We watched a couple more matches and then headed home.

The video below is of Jordan's match against a guy wearing a GP skinsuit.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chilly in San Fran

Rented a GoCar to tour the city. Way fun, even if we looked like idiots.

Several Cable Car Rides. Always a San Francisco Treat.

The Amazing Golden Gate Bridge

The Famous Painted Ladies

Donimator's Next Car? Lamborghini Diablo

Whole Dungeness Crab Dinner. A first for me. It was great.

Carla is to public transportation as oil is to water

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Tour of San Francisco

Dinner in Chinatown

Coit Tower

Ghirardelli Square. Scored some serious Chocolate!

Evening Cable Car Ride

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Warmer days are here

Jordan and I took advantage of the warmer weather Thursday evening, and did the Prescott Loop for the second time in a week. About 20 degrees warmer than last Friday with Zim. The roads were surprisingly dry, and the bikes stayed pretty clean.

Its a good loop with some leg stretchers. 2600ft total climbing. Our usual route is to head south through WI, and come back up the MN side. The MN roads are more busy, and that puts us on them after rush hour traffic has died down.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Looks like we're going to Oregon twice in 2009

Junior Road Nationals won't be in Orange County, CA in 2009. Looks like they'll be in Bend, OR. Cross Natz are there too.

July 28-Aug 2: Junior Road Natz, Bend, OR
Dec 10-13: Cross Natz, Bend, OR

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Weekend lived up to it's billing, and then some

Bonus Friday Ride: Zim came to Hudson for the Prescott Loop with me and Jordan.

318 Ride on Saturday: Near 50 degrees by the end of the ride. Caught the Loppet Ice Races afterwards.

Sunday Flanders Ride: Managed to lose track of the others, and rode most of it solo.

My good friend, Chris Doig

This is a shot of my friend, and now teammate, Chris Doig. I've known Doig since he started out back in the mid 90's. Now he's married, with a baby girl, and still loving the bike.

Up until today, I had only raced with Chris. Today was my first training ride of many with Chris. Unfortunately, our ride got split up, I missed a turn, and ended up riding solo. It's all good though. Doig rode hard tempo, challenging Jordan in my absence.

Eventually, Jordan went down on the icy trail. Now he'll have another scar on his knee to remind of the day he first rode with Doig, and ditched his dad in the process.

As usual, my favorite part of these Sunday rides in hitting Sebastian Joe's post ride. However, when I got there, no Doig. He had more important things to do like be a good husband and father. Maybe next time.

FYI: This is a sarcastic post to appease Doig's desire to make mention in one of my blog posts. You're welcome Chris.