Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Snake Charmer

Juniors 15-18 Podium: Jordan Cullen (2nd), Drew Dillman (1st), Lionel Rocheleau (3rd)
Jordan leads the Pro/1/2 field up the Snake

Memorial Day Weekend brings our 3rd annual pilgrimage to the Quad Cities of Iowa for the Snake Alley Criterium, Melon City Criterium, and Quad Cities Criterium.

Saturday was the famous Snake Alley Criterium. Jordan raced twice. First Juniors, then Pro/1/2. Jordan finished a strong 2nd in the juniors, after a race long battle with a strong Prochain/Turner team.

Jordan really shined in the pro/1/2 race. He rode an amazing race, leading the field up the snake several times, and chasing down breakaways. He finished 14th. Definitely the most impressed I've ever been with his riding. Way to go Jordan!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday Night Time Trial #2

Photo courtesy of Memories by Dee and Twin Cities IC3

Cooler temps, moderate winds, and dry roads made for a much more enjoyable TNT Time Trial than 2 weeks ago. These good conditions plus no Opus brought record turnout of 96 racers.

Jordan broke the coveted 24 minute barrier, clocking a PR of 23:55, over 30 seconds faster than last time. His time was just fast enough to beat Timmer, definitely a major milestone for Jordan!

I played rabbit again for Jordan, starting a minute before him. He still caught me, but I was satisfied, clocking a 25:09 for 15th place.

Toftoy continued his domination, clocking a course record 22:16, nearing 30mph ave. Ian Stanford was best of the rest almost a minute back, followed by Casper, Roeser, and Kimpton.

I have to say Twin Cities Spoke IC3 have raised their game this year, and are putting on an incredible Tuesday night event in Medina. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to race the clock and a challenging 11 mile course.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Freewheel Frolic MTB Race - Jordan wins his first MTB race

Jordan's first ever MTB race was a muddy one
Someone needs to be hosed down

Jordan made his debut in Mountain Biking today at the MN Season Opener, the Freewheel Frolic. Soaking rain made for a muddy race, but Jordan prevailed, winning the Comp class overall by 3.5 minutes.

Jordan did 4 laps on the soggy course, spending most of the first lap picking his way to the front of the Comp field, which is staggered in waves, with Jordan starting in the 2nd wave. The muddy conditions wreaked havoc on people drive trains, leaving many to call it a day early.

On the 3rd lap, Jordan over shot a turn, and piled into a barbed wire fence. He cut up his leg, but that didn't stop him. He remounted, and carried on. That's the kind of toughness it takes to be a winner! He finished first in the Comp class, and caught may of the elite field as well, who started a full 7 minutes in front of him.

Halfway through the race, the sun came out, which was not a good thing for the riders. This dried the course, making the mud stickier, and accumulating on the bike. Jordan's bike must have weighed twice it's normal weight by the finish.

The event was a lot of fun, and I was very impressed with the organization. We will be back.

NSC Velodrome Opener - Jordan wins the Cat 3 Omnium

Photo courtesy of Anthony Kwan

Jordan shined under the Thursday Night Lights for the season track opener at the NSC Velodrome. The Cat 3 competition was tough with 16 riders, including a contingent from both Speedfix and Flanders.

The Cat 3's started with a Win and Out, with Speedfix's John McGuire taking a commanding win, followed by Nathan Brennaman 2nd, and Jordan 3rd.

Next were the Chariot Races, where Jordan was able to win both his heat and the final.

The last race of the night was a 50 lap scratch race. Speedfix's Rich Bergstrom took a flyer right away, and Jordan rode aggressively in pursuit. Jordan's aggression resulted in getting away solo, and lapping the field. He didn't stop there. He continued his aggression, and got away again, this time wit Speedfix's Matthew Montesano, and Flanders teammate, Merrill Lutsky. Jordan towed them around to lap the field again. That gave him his 2nd race win of the night, and 1st in the nights omnium. What a performance!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tour De Grove

Jordan leading the Cat 2/3 field at the Tour De Grove

Jordan and I did the Tour De Grove in St. Louis, MO this past weekend. The Tour de Grove, on Sat, is a big money NRC crit on a 1.7mi technical circuit, and is run as a criterium. The Dutchtown Classic is another NRC crit on Sunday.

We opted out of the Midtown Rally Crit, held Friday night. Unfortunately, our friend, Adam Bergman, crashed hard in that race, and broke his collarbone. What a bummer.

Despite the rainy, cold, and windy conditions, Jordan rode very well on Saturday in the Cat 2/3's. He stayed up front the entire race, and went for it late in the race, only to be caught with 2 corners to go. Still a great effort!

Sunday was a bust. Still cold and rainy, Jordan was feeling sick, but still warmed up like normal. He decided last minute to not start, which was a good choice. I started, and lasted 15min, until I got caught behind 2 different big crashes, and called it a day.

The highlight of the trip was seeing the St. Louis Arch. Definitely a must see!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Stormy TNT

Photos courtesy of Don Callander of Twin Cities IC3

The first TNT in Medina was held last night under scary skies. It was muggy hot before the start, which turned into rain during the race.

Our starting arrangement was Me, Casper, then Jordan, every 30 seconds. Casper caught me for 30 seconds much quicker than I'd like. Jordan took a bit longer than I expected, stating afterwards he didn't have a great ride, with his rear brake rubbing a bit. Couldn't have felt too bad, he still took a minute out of me, averaged 27mph, and set a new PR by 15 seconds.

Top 5:

I was way down in 11th, but still relatively pleased with my ride. I seem to have all my equipment issues behind me.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Win #201 for Jordan - Dar's Time Trial

Jordan's Trophy for youngest rider at the 2002 Willard TT
2011 Results

Jordan's win at the Campus Crit was a milestone, his 200th career victory. Today was win #201 at Dar's Time Trial. He scorched the 16mi rolling course. Even with a strong East wind, he won by almost a minute, averaging over 27mph. Well done Jordan.

For those of you who didn't know him, Dar Volrath was a great sportman and leader of the Wisport organization. He passed away in 2004, but his ledgend lives on through Dar's Time Trial. I remember back in 2002, when Dar and his family watched Jordan for me, while I raced. What a great family friendly event it was.

In fact, the Willard Time trial, now called Dar's Time Trial, was Jordan's first official race in 2002. He was the youngest racer at age 6. Maren also raced, age 8. I remember being so proud of them both, and Dar was right there encouraging them too.

Dar finishing the 2004 Firehouse 50 with neighbor Mike Hipsher.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Time Trial Season is Here

An amazing shot of Jordan by Bruce at

The Ride and Glide TT kicked off the time-trial season tonight. All the usual suspects were there, minus Toftoy. Casper had the ride of the night on his fixie. Jordan started 30 seconds behind me, and came screaming past about 5 miles in. He smoked me for more than a minute.

Top 5:
Dan Casper - 28:19 - 28.6mph ave
Ian Stanford - 28:58 - 27.96mph ave
Timmer Mulrooney - 29:16 - 27.68mph ave
Jordan Cullen - 29:31 - 27.44mph ave
Jimmer Cullen - 30:42 - 26.38mph ave

Jordan finishes 7th in the Pro/1/2 Old Capitol Crit

Old Capitol Crit Pro/1/2 Start - 51 racers
Jordan flanked by Steve Tilford and a host of others

Jordan headed down to Iowa City, IA for the Chris Lillig Memorial Cup in Iowa City, IA this past weekend. I couldn't go, so Adam Bergman offered to take him with. Thanks Adam! In the Pro/1/2 field, he finished 21st in the Road Race, 8th in the Time Trial, and 7th in the Old Capital Crit. Way to go Jordan!

Saturday morning was the 52 mile ICCC Road Race. It was windy and warm, causing a lot of riders to drop out. Jordan finished in a small group, taking 21st.

Saturday afternoon was the 10 mile ICCC Time Trial on road bikes. He finished a strong 8th, just over 1 minute behind winner Brian Jensen.

Sunday was the famous Old Capitol Crit. The course features a challenging climb, and fast descent. Jordan was vigilant all race, even getting into a break with Steve Tilford. In the end, Brian Jensen and Adam Bergman got away with Adam taking the win. Jordan finished a strong 7th place, after watching Steve Tilford crash hard on the last lap. Way to go Jordan!