Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Annual MCF Awards Party - Sunday, January 23rd

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RSVP to j.cullen@sbcglobal.net with name and number in your party.

Complete list of award winners

Friday, December 17, 2010

Photo Finish

The sprint for 5th place at nationals (L-Jordan Cullen, R-Curtis White). Teammate Curtis White edged out Jordan by a mere inch. What an exciting finish!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

2010 Clif Bar Devo Team

Left-Right: Jordan Cullen-15, Kolben Preble-17, Curtis White-15, Zane Godby-16, Zack Gould-15, Bjorn Fox-17, Mitch Hoke-22 (not pictured - Spencer Downing-15)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jordan finishes a courageous 6th at CX Nationals

Bad luck prevented Jordan from making the podium at CX Nationals. He flatted his front tire just after the pit on the first lap, dropping out of the top 20 before he could ride back around to the pit to switch bikes. From there, he mounted a courageous chase all the way into a photo finish sprint for 5th place. Clif Bar Devo teammate, Curtis White, edge Jordan for 5th by just an inch.

Jordan took the result like a champion. He knew it was just another race, and didn't let it take away from all his other successes this season. I am so proud of him.

Race announcer, Dave Towle, was so impressed with Jordan's ride, he even mentioned it at the podium ceremony. Thanks to everyone for all their support this year, including his Clif Bar Devo Team, Ridley USA, and Lazer Sport. They made his success this season possible.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Jordan's Post B Race Quote in the Bend Bulletin

“It was so much better than (earlier) this morning,” said Jordan Cullen, 15, of Hudson, Wis., who won the men’s 10-29 race on Wednesday. “There’s no ice. It’s pretty good, actually.”

Cullen offered some advice for racers this week.

“Just chill, don’t panic,” he said. “If you fall a few times, don’t freak out.”

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Killer B Winner

Non-Championship Killer B Podium

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Cyclocross Nationals starts off with non-championship age graded races to afford riders the opportunity to dial in the course and equipment. They do a podium ceremony, but no medals or jersey is awarded. They are called the B races, which some racers call the "Killer B's" as a sarcastic reference to their less serious nature.

When we got to the course, it was an absolute hockey rink of glare ice. They delayed the racing 60 minutes, and amazingly, by the time Jordan's race started, the ice was gone, and it turned to greasy mud.

Jordan's race included racers aged 10-29. Jordan did the race strictly to get a good look at the course at speed, and was not in it for a result. Turnout was lighter than past years. I assume this was due to riders having to deal with the seeding Time-trials, and difficulty in getting to Bend early enough to race on Wednesday.

Jordan's stiffest competition came from an 18 year old from New Mexico. Jordan led the race to get the best look at racing lines, and did so without burning any matches. He was all smiles from start to finish, and was very excited to unexpectedly win the race.

The Midwest dominated the Killer B races. Sarah Huang of Kenosha, WI won the Women Open, CJ Faulkner and Christopher Fisher from the Twin Cities went 1-2 in the 30-39 race. Chris Smith and Jared Roy went 8-9 in the 40-49. Nice work everyone!

Jordan's championship race is on Friday. Good luck Jordan!

Top of the Stair Run-up

Leading through the greasy mud.

Down off the Fly-over "Sky Bridge"

A Subdued Victory Salute

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Jordan goes 2 for 2 at Portland USGP

Day 1 - Jr 15-16 Winner
Portland USGP Day 1 Jr 15-16 Podium: Jordan Cullen - 1st, Colin Dunlap - 3rd (not pictured - David O'Brien - 2nd)
Day 2 Jr 15-16 Winner
Portland USGP Day 2 Jr 15-16 Podium: Trevor Schauer - 2nd, Jordan Cullen - 1st, Avi Mahan - 3rd

Jordan posted wins in both days of the final USGP in Portland. Jordan raced Cat 2/3's at the other USGP's, but the categories in Portland were such that the only race he was qualified to enter was the Juniors 15-16. Most of the kids in his race will be going on to Bend this week for US Cyclocross Nationals, so it was still a good test for Jordan.

Rain all week long made for a muddy first day. The Juniors raced with the beginner and master women, but started behind them. It took the entire first lap for Jordan to work his way through all the women. Once he got a clear track, his gap to the chasing juniors opened quickly. By the end of the race, Jordan was more than 2 minutes clear of 2nd place. Way to go Jordan!

Day 2 was a much dryer affair. Once again, the juniors had to work their way through the women, and the faster course leveled the playing field a bit. Oregon native Trevor Schuaer was able to keep pace with Jordan for most of the first lap. Eventually, Jordan was able to get away, and then focused on practicing switching bikes in the pits. He won day 2 by around a minute or so. Nice work Jordan!

Monday, we are driving to Bend, OR for the US Cyclocross Nationals. Jordan races on Friday. Good luck buddy!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jordan goes 3 for 3 at Jingle Cross Rock

Jingle Cross Rock 3 Cat 2 Podium: 3rd - Weston Luzadder, 1st - Jordan Cullen, 2nd - Dave Staab

Jordan completed his sweep of the Cat 2 races at the 3 day Jingle Cross Rock on Sunday. However, it was not easy. Jordan got the hole shot, only to slide out in a muddy turn, and slip back to 4th. He regained the lead late in the first lap, only to miss a turn, crashing through the course tape, and getting tangled. He slipped all the way to last in the Cat 2's.

From then on, he rode like man possessed. By the end of the 2nd lap, he had caught the lead group of 2, Weston Luzadder, and Dave Staab, who were 2nd and 3rd on Saturday. He kept charging, and by the end of the 3rd lap, he had a 15 second gap, and drove all the way to the finish for his 3rd win in a row. Dave Staab won the sprint for 2nd, to reverse the other 2 podium positions from Saturday. Great rides by everyone.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jordan wins Cat 2's at Jingle Cross Rock 2

Jingle Cross Rock Day 2 Cat 2 Podium: David Staab - 3rd, Jordan Cullen - 1st, Weston Luzadder - 2nd

Jordan rode a virtually flawless race today to take the win in the Cat 2's at Jingle Cross. Today's course was a tough one, with a long steep runup Mount Krumpit, and a challenging fast downhill. Jordan had a good start, and took the race lead about half way through lap 1. He led a strong group of 4 riders, including Chris Wallace, Weston Luzadder, and Dave Staab.

Chris Wallace went to Cyclocross worlds for the past 2 seasons. Luzadder is a former junior national criterium champion. Dave Staab has been tearing up the Cat 1/2 scene in Madison, WI including a 3rd place finish last week in the WI State CX Championships, where Jordan finished 11th.

By the end of the 2nd lap, Jordan was alone with a 10 second gap, and it grew from there. He finished 45 seconds clear for a well earned victory. Congrats on a great race Jordan!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Jordan Cullen wins Cat 2's at Jingle Cross Rock 1

Jingle Cross Rock #1 Cat 2 Podium: Hollywood Henderson - 3rd, Jordan Cullen - 1st, Jason Rassi - 2nd

Cyclocross under the lights is a unique experience. The cold, windy, weather added to the experience at Jingle Cross Rock 1. Thick peanut butter mud over the top of rock hard frozen ground made traction unpredictable.

Jordan had a front row start, and went for the hole shot, but Hollywood beat him to it. Jordan quickly took over the lead, only to roll his front tubular tire, and go down towards the end of the 1st lap. He quickly remounted and rode to the pit for his spare bike, and just held onto the lead.

He built up a good gap on 2nd place, only to fall on the off-camber downhill, sliding under the fencing, and dropping his chain. This gave the chasing group of 3 or 4, including Hollywood, a chance to catch up.

Jordan re-found his rhythm, and opened up the gap again, winning by several seconds. He showed real tenacity out there, and was rewarded with the victory. Congrats Jordan!

Monday, November 15, 2010

MN State Cyclocross Epic

Jordan making the pass on the downhill.
Winning the Clydesdale Race!
Photo compliments of Dave Gabrys

The term "Epic" was over used, but what other word describes racing in 6 inches of wet slushy snow?

This was to be my last race of the season, in the Clydesdale division (> 200lbs). We started about 1 minute after the elite women, and caught the tail end of their field right away. Donimator took off like a rocket, earning the whole shot while the rest of us were getting in each others way. I picked my way around people to make it up to Donimator's wheel. Bill Kuster joined us briefly, but he was on his 2nd race of the day, and dropped off the pace shortly thereafter.

We caught the leader of the women's field, Jeanne Fleck, early in the 2nd of 4 laps. I was simply following Donimator's line, who was much faster than me through the turns and technical stuff. I thought about trying to pass him on the straights, but there just wasn't much room, so I just did my best to follow his pace.

Half way into the last lap, I made my move around Don. My gears were frozen, so I couldn't really just drop the hammer. By the time we reached the top of the stairs, he had bridged back up to me, only to endo on the downhill, sealing my victory. Thanks for the great battle Don!

Jordan raced the Cat 1/2's. His starting position was OK, but he chose to ride instead of run the first part, then he fell. By the time he got rolling, he was way back in 20th spot or so with little to no room to move up. He stayed tough, and slowly worked his way up. 12th or so after the 1st lap, 6th after the 2nd lap, eventually moving up to his final position of 4th. Way to be tenacious Jordan!

Results can be found here.

Link to Kare 11 Video of MN State Cyclocross Championships

Kare 11 Video

Friday, November 12, 2010

MN State Cyclocross is Upon Us!

Jordan - 2006 MN State Cyclocross

Look out for this kid. He loves it when the conditions turn nasty!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Jordan 2nd at Behind Bars/VeloCross

Cat 1/2 Podium (L-R): Jordan Cullen - 2nd, Adam Bergman - 1st, Cody Larson - 3rd

Results Posted.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Maren Scores the Part of the Evil Queen in Phipps Snow White Production

Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? MAREN! She earned the part of the Evil Queen in the Phipps production of Snow White. She works so hard between here school studies, singing, and acting! She really deserves the part. I'm so proud of you Maren!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jordan Podiums at Red Barn CX

Cat 1/2 Podium (L-R): Jordan Cullen - 3rd, Adam Bergman - 1st, Pat Lemeiux - 2nd

Click here for Results.

Jordan had a frustrating race this weekend at Red Barn. He had a bad start, and was forced to chase on a course where drafting was a big advantage. He finished 5th overall, 3rd in the Cat 1/2's. 24 hours later, he is chipper, and has learned from the experience. I'm proud of you Jordan!

Watch for these recycling bins at the local MCF races! They are Jordan's Eco Project as part of the Clif Bar DEVO Team.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

Jordan Cullen wins Cat 2/3's at Derby City Cup

Jordan wins USGP Derby City Cup Cat 2/3's Day 1

Jordan wins USGP Derby City Cup Cat 2/3's Day 2

Velonews Photo

Results can be viewed here.

Jordan had two great rides this past weekend, winning the Cat 2/3 races both days at the USGP Derby City Cup in Louisville, KY. Each race had close to 150 starters in the warm and dusty conditions. His main competition came from the 2 riders who split wins at the USGP Planet Bike Cup Cat 2/3's this year, Mark Parmelee from Michigan, and Andrew Coe from Kansas.

Jordan had much better luck than at the USGP Planet Bike Cup Cat 2/3 races a few weeks ago, where he finished 4th both days. His Ridley Xnight performed perfectly, and he did not need to pit during either of the races in Louisville.

The course was very cool, with a BMX style whoop, a flyover, 2 sandpits, steep bumps, fast pavement section, and some technical sections in the woods with run-ups. The course was too short on Saturday, resulting in a lot of lapped traffic. They lengthened it Sunday, which was much better.

In Saturday's race, Jordan had a 3rd row start, but was able to work his way to the front very quickly, and never looked back. Parmelee was chasing hard the entire race, with the gap fluctuating between 5-15 secs. Coe was in third, with a similar gap to Parmelee. The race for 4th was more than a minute back from the 3 leaders.

Saturday Cat 2/3 Podium (L-R): Mark Parmelee - 2nd, Jordan Cullen - 1st, Andrew Coe - 3rd

In Sunday's race, Jordan had 4th row start, but two kind-hearted riders in front of him offered up their spots, moving him up to 2nd row. Very nice gesture! Jordan hit the front at about the same point as Saturday, and again, it was Parmelee chasing hard less than 10 seconds back, for the entire race. Coe had some bad luck and crashed twice and had to switch bikes. By the time he moved into 3rd place, the 2 leaders were out of reach.

Sunday Cat 2/3 Podium (L-R): Mark Parmelee - 2nd, Jordan Cullen - 1st, Andrew Coe 3rd

Next up, Red Barn CX this Saturday!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jordan Cullen Win's Cat 1/2 Baker Orchard Cyclocross Race

Jordan outsprints Jon Toftoy to win the Cat 1/2's at Baker Orchard CX
Jordan and his proud Grandfather, race sponsor, Tom Nielsen.

Race results can be found here.

Photos here:

2010 Baker Orchard Cyclocross Race Photos

Sunday, October 10, 2010

CX Racers are Tough!

Brian Gaines - Faceplant in the mud - Wirth Classic Cyclocross.

Didn't slow him down one bit! Got up, shook it off, and kept racing. That's cross at it's finest! Way to go Brian!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Xnight is Good as New

Dave Anderson of Anderson Custom Bicycles did an amazing job repairing the broken chainstays on Jordan's Ridley Xnight. The drive side was cracked all the way through, and the non-drive side was cracked on one side. Not only is the frame good as new structurally, the paint job is even more impressive. He duplicated the "X" graphic and painted it such it looks factory new, and you can't see any sign of repair. He did this all in 1 week for a few hundred dollars. If you've got a broken carbon bike, give Dave a call. He can definitely fix it!

Jordan 2nd in JR Ranch CX Cat 1/2's

Cat 1/2 Podium (L-R: Pat Lemieux-3rd, Adam Bergman-1st, Jordan Cullen-2nd)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

For Sale: Giant TCX 2 Cyclocross Bike - Size Medium - $500 - SOLD!

2009 Giant TCX 2 Cyclocross Bike - Size Medium - $500 (original retail $975) - Has Been Sold!
Perfect starter cyclocross bike. Ridden 1 season. Perfect working order, ready to ride/race, excellent condition.
Specs and geometry can be found here:

Crankset upgraded to FSA 46/36
Shifters upgraded to DuraAce 7700 9sp


Monday, September 27, 2010

Planet Bike Cup - A Pair of 4th's

Sporting his new kit on on Saturday

Jordan has a very successful debut for his new team, the Clif Bar Development Cross Team. He finished 4th in both of the Cat 2/3 races at the Planet Bike Cup this past weekend. There were close to 100 starters both days in each of his races.

He scored the hole shot on Saturday, and was leading the race for the first lap. Unfortunately, he slipped out in a corner, and the rider following couldn't avoid him. Jordan ended up with a broken wheel and frame. However, he shook it off, and rode his broken machine to the pit, and grabbed his other bike. He lost a good 20 spots, but didn't lose his composure. He steadily worked his way back up to finish a strong 4th. Well done Jordan.

Better luck on Sunday, but still not perfect. Let's face it, perfect races in cross are very rare. Jordan's right shifter slipped down a couple laps in, forcing him to pit and switch bikes. He still rode a strong race, staying in the battle for 2nd place until the last lap, where he lost a little ground, and finished 4th.

Jordan was frustrated both days with the problems he had, but knows it's part of cyclocross. Tenacity is key in races like that, and I was proud of him for not giving up.

Broken Rear Edge Wheel

Cracked chainstay on Jordan's Ridley X-night

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jordan joins Clif Bar Development Cross Team

Jordan will be racing Cyclocross this fall for the Clif Bar Development Cross Team. The team is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, managed by Ben Turner. This is a huge step for Jordan in the sport of Cyclocross!

Up until last week, Jordan was planning on racing again for Planet Bike. Todd Schmidt of Ridley USA took notice of Jordan's performance at Tuesday Night Cross, and saw great potential. Todd made several calls, and quickly connected Jordan with Ben Turner. A huge THANKS to Todd for making it happen!

I'd also like to share our gratitude for Planet Bike and Bob Downs. They have been incredibly supportive and generous the past 2 seasons, and were very willing to allow Jordan to switch teams this close to the start of the season.

For Sale: Wilier Mortirolo Cross - Size Medium/52 - $1200/bo - SOLD!

Selling Jordan's (the smaller one on the left) Wilier Mortirolo Cross Bike. It is in excellent condition, and works flawlessly. I will have more pics up later this week.

Price: $1200/bo. Has been SOLD!

Size Medium/52cm
Frameset: Wilier Mortirolo Cross Carbon Frame
Fork: Wilier Carbon w/Aluminum Steerer
Shifters/Brake Levers: Shimano 105 10sp STI
Front Derailleur: Shimano 105
Rear Derailleur: Shimano Ultegra
Brakes: Tektro CR 720 Black
Crank: Shimano 105 48/39
Wheelset: HED Kermesse
Cassette: Shimano 12-25
Tires: Michelin Jet 700x30
Seatpost: Thompson Elite Masterpiece
Saddle: Selle Italia Signo
Stem: Ritchey WCS OS
Bars: Shimano Pro OS 42cm

For Sale: Giant Women's Cyclocross Bike - Size Small - $450 - SOLD!

For Sale: Giant FCR2W - $450 Has Been SOLD!
This cyclocross bike is ready to ride, in perfect working order. The bike is 3 years old, and is in very good condition. The left shift lever does have some marks on it, otherwise the bike looks and functions great!
Contact: j.cullen@sbcglobal.net

Size Small/46.5cm (See size chart below)
Frameset: Aluminum Frameset
Fork: Carbon w/Alu Steerer
Shifters/Brake Levers: Shimano Tiagra 9sp STI
Front Derailleur: Shimano Tiagra
Rear Derailleur: Shimano Tiagra
Brakes: 4ZA Cantilever
Crank: Truvativ Touro Triple
Wheelset: XERO Lite XSR-3
Cassette: SRAM 11-26
Tires: Ritchey Speedmax 700x32
Seatpost: Giant Aluminum
Saddle: WTB Speed She
Stem: Thompson Elite X2
Bars: Specialized
Computer: Shimano Flight Deck

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Jordan Invited to the Olympic Training Center

Jordan has received an invitation to attend the USA Cycling National Junior Talent ID Camp, which will be held at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, October 7-11. This camp serves as Talent Identification for the US National Team Programs.

Jordan attended the same camp in 2009. Congratulations on making the selection Jordan!

2010 Cyclocross Racing Schedule

Sept 7Tuesday Night Cross

Cat 2

St. Louis Park, MNPosted
Sept 14Tuesday Night CrossCat 2St. Louis Park, MNPosted
Sept 21Tuesday Night CrossCat 2St. Louis Park, MNPosted
Sept 25Planet Bike Cup #1Cat 2Sun Prairie, WIPosted
Sept 26Planet Bike Cup #2Cat 2Sun Prairie, WIPosted
Oct 2JR Ranch CyclocrossCat 2Hudson, WIPosted
Oct 3Carson Park CyclocrossA RaceEau Claire, WIPosted
Oct 16Baker Orchard CyclocrossCat 2Centuria, WIPosted
Oct 17Big Ring Flyer CyclocrossJuniorHudson, MNPosted
Oct 23Derby City Cup #1Cat 2Louisville, KYPosted
Oct 24Derby City Cup #2Cat 2Louisville, KYPosted
Oct 30Red Barn ClassicCat 2Taylors Falls, MNPosted
Nov 6NSC Velodrome CyclocrossCat 2Blaine, WIPosted
Nov 7Gopher Gallop CyclocrossJuniorBlaine, WIPosted
Nov 13MN State CyclocrossCat 2Crystal, MNPosted
Nov 21WI State CyclocrossCat 2Milwaukee, WIPosted
Nov 26Jingle CrossCat 2Iowa City, IAPosted
Nov 27Jingle CrossCat 2Iowa City, IAPosted
Nov 28Jingle CrossCat 2Iowa City, IAPosted
Dec 4Stanley Portland Cup #1JuniorPortland, ORPosted
Dec 5Stanley Portland Cup #2JuniorPortland, ORPosted
Dec 8US Cyclocross NationalsB 10-29Bend, ORPosted
Dec 10US Cyclocross NationalsJuniorBend, ORPosted

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Farm Dog Time Trial

We all missed Black Dog this year, no question. A huge thanks to Silver Cycling for putting on the Farm Dog TT. It is out there in the boondocks, but well worth the drive.

Carla, Jordan, and I made all 3 of the events, and all 3 of us set personal bests at the last one. Carla took home 3rd for the series in Women's stock, Jordan won the Junior series, and I won the Masters 35+.

Jordan uncorked a huge ride at the finale, catching his 30 second front man, Jens Brabbit, and holding off his 30 second follower, John Shishilla. Both of these guys are all kinds of fast, showing the kind of ride Jordan had. His average speed was 27.5mph, and his time was less than 20 seconds off the likes of Shishilla, Timmer, and Toftoy. Keep it up Jordan!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hamel Time Trial - Saturday, September 11

Click on the Flyer Below to enlarge.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

WI State TT History and Distances

This was our 3rd year going to Kansasville, WI for the WI State TT. Here is a breakdown of our year to year results:

YearJordan - 20KJimmer - 40K

It's clear who's getting faster, and who's getting slower.

The times are always impressive compared to other courses. Part of this is due to the fact the courses are not a full 20K or 40K.

Based on my Garmin:

Measured 20K (12.4mi) distance = 12.04mi = 19.42K
Measured 40K (24.8mi) distance = 24.26mi = 39.13K

Translating Jordan and my times:

Jordan's Time translated to a full 20K:
26:08 @ 27.6mph = 26:55
Jimmer's Time translated to a full 40K:
56:04 @ 26mph = 57:21

Data from the MN State TT Course:
Measured 20K distance = 12.46mi.
Measured 40K distance = 26.9mi.

Monday, August 09, 2010

My Little Girl is a Senior in High School!

Maren and boyfriend Charlie, Prom 2010.

No question that my daughter, Maren, doesn't get enough press from me. I can't make up for lost time, but I want to share her accomplishments and aspirations for which I am most proud.

Maren is very genuine. Her outgoing persona and charisma have led her to make many long lasting friendships. She is a very thoughtful and caring person.

Maren is a very talented singer and actress. She is a member of the exclusive Hudson High School Chamber Choir, and has already acted in 3 different plays, "Beauty and the Beast", "Willy Wonka", and "You Can't Take it With You". She is set to audition for 2 upcoming local plays, "Hello Dolly" and "Snow White".

To say Maren is smart is an understatement. She is modest about her good grades, and excellent study habits. Her tenacity led her to retaking the ACT after she was unhappy with her initial score. Her score improved enough to give her a great chance at getting into the college of her choice. I'm proud to say my alma matter, the University of MN, is her first choice. She is planning on a double major in Biology and Psychology. I am so impressed with her drive and direction!

Work Ethic:
Maren is a whiz at retail clothing sales. Her fashion sense, and outgoing personality make her a delight to work with. She currently works at an upscale fashion store in Woodbury called Elodie. Pay her a visit sometime. You won't be disappointed.

I'm so proud of you Maren! Keep up the hard work.