Monday, October 26, 2009

USA Cyclocross Nationals Registration

Sports Base Online and USA Cycling were not prepared for the onslaught of riders trying to register as soon as USA Cross Nationals registration opened on 10/10/09 for masters, and 10/12/09 for all others.

Even though Jordan was 3rd last year, they only give automatic seeding to the National Champion if you are moving up to the next age class (Jordan is moving up from 13-14's to 15-16's this year). Only Zane Godby, Colin Krebsbach, Andrew Dillman, and Logan Owen earned those automatic spots. Everyone else is order of registration.

It was a hair-pulling experience to try and get Jordan registered that night while I was in Colorado Springs, CO. Jim Flanders can attest. It took me over an hour to get logged into sportsbaseonline and get registered. In the end, Jordan will be #11 in the start grid or 2nd row. Other strong juniors in the field are starting even farther back: John Francisco #19, Curtis White #21, Dean Haas #23, Austin Clevenger #32.

Based on the info at USA Cycling, here is what I have for a Jr Men 15-16 start order for the first couple rows:

1. Zane Godby (5th Jr15-16 Natz 2008)
2. Colin Krebsbach (6th Jr15-16 Natz 2008)
3. Andrew Dillman (7th Jr15-16 Natz 2008)
4. Logan Owen (1st Jr13-14 Natz 2008)
5. Travis Monroe (15th Jr15-16 Natz 2008)
6. Isaiah Rapko
7. Nate Morse (2nd Jr13-14 Natz 2008)
8. Sam O'Keefe (11th Jr15-16 Natz 2008)
9. Spence Peterson
10. Michael Dessau (5th Jr13-14 Natz 2008)
11. Jordan Cullen (3rd Jr13-14 Natz 2008)
12. David Kirske Jr. (10th Jr13-14 Natz 2008)
13. Andy Su
14. Zach Gould (11th Jr13-14 Natz 2008)
15. Alex Howard
16. Drew Bercaw

Louisville USGP Derby City Cup Cyclocross Race

Jordan and I joined the Planet Bike Team in Louisville, KY for the 2nd weekend of USGP Cyclocross Events called the Derby City Cup. What a great venue and well run event. Not quite as big as the Planet Bike Cup, but still impressive.

Jordan won the Junior Men 15-16 convincingly both days. Both days were muddy, with Saturday being the worst. Jordan was able to finish both races without switching bikes. His margin of victory on Saturday was around 2.5 minutes. The course on Sunday was a little firmer and faster, with another fast junior joining the race, cutting his winning margin down to around 1.5 minutes. Congrats Jordan!

That makes it 4 for 4 at USGP events so far for Jordan. Too bad he can't make New Jersey and Portland, where many of the best juniors in the nation will be racing. We're a little traveled out at this point, and are racing local until Jingle Cross.

Saturday Podium - Drew Bercaw (3rd), Jordan (1st), French Kid (2nd)

Sunday Podium - Drew Bercaw (3rd), Jordan (1st), John Francisco (2nd)

Cool Flyover

Muddy Day 1

Sporting the White Skinsuit Over the Barriers Sunday

Monday, October 12, 2009

Got a bit nippy coming thru the pass...

The weather did not cooperate for our Colorado Springs Trip. Jordan only rode 3 of the 5 days, and most of the kids at camp got sick, including Jordan. Our first day here (Friday) turned out to be the best, climaxing with a climb up Cheyenne Canyon. Temps never got above freezing on Sunday, but it didn't stop Jim Flanders and I from getting in a 2 hour ride, including riding up Gold Camp Road, and shooting the amazing photo above with his phone.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Jordan's First Cat 3 Cyclocross Win

Jordan's First Victory Salute EVER! 1st - Planet Bike Orono CX

Jordan had two excellent performances this weekend. Saturday was the Hudson Riverfront Cyclocross Race. Jordan led part of the race, eventually finishing 3rd overall, 2nd Cat 3. He was leading the Cat 3's, but got caught on the last lap by a hard charging Dave Oachs. He went for broke on Sunday at the Planet Bike Orono Cyclocross Race. He rode away from the front runners early and the race, and continued to open the gap all the way to the finish. Congratulations Jordan.