Wednesday, December 23, 2009

HiDef Crosstraining

I finally upgraded the Man Cave to High Def. Replaced the 10 year old rear projection analog 50" square TV with a 55" 1080p widescreen LCD, along with HD DirectTV DVR, and Blu-Ray DVD Player. I'm in HiDef heaven now!

The old 50" rear projection TV moved up 2 floors to the loft (it was a bitch to get it up there too!). It is now the video game console with and Xbox, Xbox360, and Wii hooked up.

In the process, I said good bye to several pieces of old electronics: my high end cassette player, my old school DVD players, an old desktop computer, a 27" tube TV, and a bunch of cell phones. Oh yea, and a crap load of remote controls. Not sure why I have trouble letting go of old electronics, but needless to say, Carla is happy now.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Team Planet Bike

Back Row (L-R): James LaLonde, Chris Follmer, Gordy Paulson, Bob Downs, Jim Cullen, Jonathan Page, Jordan Cullen, Greg Pautsch, Ian Haupt, Mark LaLonde
Front Row (L-R): Toni Leal, Linda Sone, Katie Compton, Kaitie Antonneau, Sarah Huang, Kristin Wentworth, Diane Ostenso

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

USA Cyclocross Nationals - A Lesson in Pain

Temps in the teens, icy conditions, and a tight, technical course made for some painful spills Friday morning at Cyclocross Nationals. Jordan had a 2nd row start in the Junior 15-16, a very strong, deep field. Conditions favored strong technical skills, along with a good helping of luck. The course was a maze of turns, with tons of off camber riding.

Jordan didn't have a good start, then a crash and dropped chain left him sitting back in 15th or so. Hey, that's cross. Anything can happen, and you just have to deal with it. The tight course made passing riders a challenge, and there were no sections to really open it up and try to make up ground. Jordan pushed hard as he could, but every time he seemed to be making progress, another crash. At one point, his bike even got tangled up in the tape.

With 1 lap to go, Jordan was sitting 11th, in striking distance of 3 riders. He dug deep, and was able to get by all 3, finishing a respectable 8th. This is significant because the top 8 riders get call-ups to the front line for next year's nationals. Way to stay tough Jordan, and salvage the race with a great finish.

The riders in front of Jordan are a who's who of USA Junior Cross Racing. Logan Owen came from behind late in the race to win his 5th consecutive National Championship. Team Clif Bar put 3 riders in the top 6 with Zane Godby (2nd), Curtis White (3rd), and Nate Morse (6th). Michael Dessau, the rider who beat Jordan in the 13-14 Jr Road Nationals this summer was 4th. Congrats to everyone on a great ride.

The Planet Bike Juniors team scored 2 National Championships with Ian Haupt (1st - Jr13-14), and Sarah Huang (1st - Jr 15-16). Kaitie Antonneau finished a strong 2nd in Jr 17-18. Well done!

Kaitie, Jordan, and Sarah warming up.

Jr Boys 15-16 Start

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Microburst Intervals in a Snowstorm

Jordan's commitment and dedication astound me. I got home from work today, to find out he was outside in the snowstorm doing his final interval workout before we leave for Bend, OR tomorrow for Cross Nationals. Go get em Jordan!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Cross 4 Tots Recap

Hollywood and his crew put together a very nice informal race at Vanderbee Park in Bloomington today. 6-7 minute laps, in a smallish park, with almost the entire course staked and taped. There was a 30 minute race with about 10 racers, and a 60 minute race with about 20 racers.

The 30 minute race was a 2-up battle between Charlie Townsend and Nils Boberg. They stayed together most of the race, with Charlie opening a gap on the last lap. Nils dug deep, and closed the gap coming into the barriers just before the finish. It came down to a bike throw, with Charlie just holding Nils off for the win. Chris Alme finished 3rd, and Dan Strese 4th.

The hole shot in the 60 minute race was taken by Dave Meyer, who quickly established a healthy gap on the rest. After a lap or so, Jesse Rients bridged the gap with Jordan Cullen in tow. Dave slid out in a corner, just as Jesse and Jordan caught him. This gave them a gap over Dave, who would pull out of the race a couple laps later. The front 2 battled for half the race, until Jesse attacked Jordan, and forged ahead solo. Behind, was a 3 way battle for the final podium spot between John Thompson, Brian Koeneman, and Mark Mlinar. Jesse easily took the win, followed by Jordan, then Thompson, Koeneman, and Mlinar.

Hollywood had some prizes for the podium finishers, and some shwag for the crowd. In the end, they collected a giant box of toys, and over $160 for the tots. Well done Hwood and crew.

60 Minute Race Podium (L-R: Jordan Cullen-2nd; Jesse Rients-1st; John Thompson - 3rd)

Results by clipboard and cigarette

Start of the 30 minute race

Start of the 60 minute race

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Racing at Cross Nationals

I wasn't going to race at Cross Natz in Bend, OR. However, the Clydesdale Championship of the Universe sounds too FUN to pass up. I'm in baby! Just gotta find a bike to borrow out there.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Peanut Butter Mud

Kristin Wentworth captured this photo of my bike post race Saturday at Jingle Cross. Peanut butter mud (combined with long grass) is the kind that sticks to your bike, and keeps building until the bike stops working. Mine held up for the entire race, others didn't.