Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Final State Fair Crit

A great shot from last nights State Fair Crit. Jordan off the front solo early in the race.

US Junior Nationals 15-16 Time Trial Podium

Jordan finished 4th in the Junior 15-16 US Nationals Time Trial. He finished only 1 second out of 3rd place. His time was even good enough to place him 10th in the Junior 17-18.

Making the podium, especially considering he is on the younger end of the age group, is a great accomplshment for Jordan. I'm very proud!

This marks Jordan's 4th podium finish at US Nationals.
2008 Cyclocross Nationals Junior 13-14 - 3rd Place
2009 Road Nationals Junior 13-14 Road Race - 2nd Place
2009 Road Nationals Junior 13-14 Time Trial - 2nd Place
2010 Road Nationals Junior 15-16 Time Trial - 4th Place

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Final Preparations for Junior Nationals

Jordan and I originally planned on heading to Ripon, WI on Sunday for the WI State Crit. The idea of driving 8 hours round trip for a 20 minute race just didn't make sense, state championship or not. Therefore, we opted out in favor of an easy training ride.

One more River Falls TT on tap for Tuesday. Looks like just Jordan and me this time, with everyone else opting for the State Fair Crit.

We depart this week for our trip to Junior Nationals in Bend, OR. Dave Hackworthy will be joining us this year for our trip out west. We had such a great time with Dylan Knutson last year, we are happy Dave is up for our western adventure.

Similar to last year, we plan on doing a stage race on the way out. Originally, we planned on doing the Uintas High Classic in Utah/Wyoming. However, we reconsidered after learning the base elevation is 7000 feet, which would likely degrade performance for nationals. So instead, we decided to do the Elkhorn Stage Race in Baker City, OR.

Victoria Circuit Race Recap

Once again, despite the threat of rain, we opted in for the Victoria Circuit Race. Jordan raced Cat 3's, Cat 1/2's for myself.

Jordan's race was uneventful, coming down to a field sprint won by Tyler Olson, Jordan 2nd, Merrill Lutsky 3rd. Bianca Bergman finished an impressive 4th!

Originally, I wasn't planning on racing at all, in favor of volunteering for Jordan's free race entry. After watching a corner for the 1st wave, I was no longer needed. With 20 minutes until race start, I opted in.

I covered a couple moved early in the first lap, then the rain started shortly after completing the 1st of 5 laps. Woell and Sedgewick attacked in the tailwind section, and, sadly, I was gapped. I chased hard, catching back on at the bottom of the course, only to be dropped for good on the next surge. Sucks to be me I guess.

Ed Alpasa caught up to me, and we joined forces determined to finish all 5 laps, despite the rain. We did just that. No DNF for me this time.

Up front, Sedgewick and Woell held onto their advantage, finishing 30 seconds clear of the field. The elder Sedgewick won, Woell 2nd. The field sprint was won by Roeser, Zimmermann 4th, Hackworthy 5th.

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Jordan's First Thursday Night Lights Experience

Jordan's first experience at the track was perfect. Even with the threat of rain, 16 Cat 4/5's showed up to race. First up was a 10 lap scratch race. Jordan sat on the front for several laps, and found out first hand what getting swarmed is like. He finished 4th. Next was the chariot race. This is a 2 lap race, standing start, with qualifying heats. Jordan came from behind to win his heat, and make the final. He got boxed in a bit in the final, but didn't give up, found a hole, and finished 3rd.

Last was a 40 lap points race, points for the top 4 riders every 10 laps. Jordan knew this was a race in which he could do well. He rode patiently, winning the first sprint. After taking 2nd in the second sprint, he continued his effort, and got away solo. He rode a steady tempo, eventually lapping the entire field, and winning the final 2 sprints. Well done Jordan!

The best part was Carla and I were officiating the race, and got a birds eye view of his performance.

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Ready for Track Racing

Jordan went up to the track Wednesday night for practice. Thanks to Bob Williams for offering the class, and John Baker for the loaner bike. Jordan's ready for Thursday Night Lights!

State Fair Crit #1

Despite the rain, Jordan and I opted for the State Fair Crit Tuesday evening. By the time we raced, the rain had quit, and the roads were drying out. 30 starters in the 1/2/3's. Jordan's goal was positioning.

15 minutes in, I got gapped off the back. I sat-up, regrouped, and rejoined the field 1 lap down, and rode tailgun for the rest of the race. I had a catbird seat to watch Jordan do a good job of positioning himself. He was even able to move forward in the final lap to finish 7th. Nice finish Jordan!

The field sprint was dominated by recent Cat 1 upgrade, Colton Barrett and Timmer. DanO 3rd, Woell 4th.

MBRC/Flanders managed to get in several moves off the front, but nothing stuck. However, we were rewarded with 3 ninja primes! Well done guys!

Donimator outsprinted Adam Gorski to win the Cat 3/4 race on his 14th wedding anniversary. Nice way to celebrate? What do you think Brenda?

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Wisconsin Junior State Road Race Champion

(L-R) Patrick Diamond - 3rd, Jordan Cullen - 1st, Lionel Rocheleau - 2nd

Jordan won the overall Wisconsin Junior State Road Race Championship on Sunday. He raced up in age last year and was 3rd. Top step this year. Very proud!

The course is southeast of Madison, WI in Spring Prairie. A 6.5 mile circuit with several short steep climbs, that wear on your legs, and a NW wind to add to the challenge. The juniors did 4 laps.

Around 20 riders lined up, and the action started right away. Halfway through the 1st lap, a group of 7, including Jordan, had a gap. However, they sat up in the tailwind, and everything came back together prior to the finish climb.

Jordan pushed it over the top of the climb, and drew out some riders. Eventually, it was just Jordan and Lionel Rocheleau from Gear Grinder in a 2 man break, with 3 chasers: Patrick Diamond (Geargrinder), Kaitie Antonneau (Kenda), and Kevin Lindau (IScorp).

Jordan and Lionel worked together for a lap, then Jordan made a move on one of the climbs and got away for the solo win. Lionel held on for an easy second place. Diamond got away from Kaitie and Kevin, but the 2 kept him in sight and working hard to stay away. Diamond finished 3rd. Kaitie gapped Kevin on the hill for 4th, Kevin 5th. What a great race!

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Thursday, June 03, 2010

River Falls TT #3

Had some company this go round in Dan Casper and Jonathan Toftoy. Conditions were ideal with calm sunny skies. I went first, followed by Jordan a minute later. Once we were finished, Casper started in front of Toftoy by 1 minute.

I rolled good, but still expected Jordan to pass me like last time. At the turn around point, Jordan was much further back than I expected, and out of this aero position. I had a feeling he was having issues with his right leg again. I finished, and had to wait quite a while before Jordan came in. My suspicions were correct that his leg was slowing him down again. Bummer.

I figured Toftoy and Casper to beat my time by around 2 minutes. I was off by a minute. They really flew over the course. Casper stayed away from Toftoy on the challenging course. Toftoy drew back 20 seconds on Dan, but not close to catching him. Incredible rides by both.

Results (12.78mi, 600ft elevation gain):
1. Toftoy: 28:14
2. Casper: 28:34
3. Jimmer: 31:21 (PR by 19 seconds)
4. Jordan: 33:25

Jordan has been stretching, but it obviously isn't enough. Last week, prior to the TNT, he got a Sports Massage at the Fix Studio, and that seemed to make a world of difference. Looks like sports massages will become a more routine thing for Jordan from now on.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Jordan wins the Cat 3's at Snake Alley

Jordan had one of his best races ever, winning the Category 3 race at the Snake Alley Criterium in Burlington, IA.

The race consisted of 15 laps, each with a steep climb up the "crookedest alley in the world" (as seen in the photo below).

Jordan made the initial selection of 12 riders, from over 60 starters. Jordan raced the Juniors 15-18 earlier in the day, and had a disappointing 5th place finish. He knew he could do better.

With 5 laps to go, Jordan attacked his group on the Snake. He established a small gap, which slowly grew. By the finish he was 30 seconds clear, taking an impressive solo victory.

The funny thing was that after Jordan's disappointment in the Juniors race at Snake Alley, he stated "I'm not racing the Cat 3's Dad." I convinced him to shake it off, regroup, and focus. Clearly, he did just that. Well done Jordan!