Thursday, August 26, 2010

Farm Dog Time Trial

We all missed Black Dog this year, no question. A huge thanks to Silver Cycling for putting on the Farm Dog TT. It is out there in the boondocks, but well worth the drive.

Carla, Jordan, and I made all 3 of the events, and all 3 of us set personal bests at the last one. Carla took home 3rd for the series in Women's stock, Jordan won the Junior series, and I won the Masters 35+.

Jordan uncorked a huge ride at the finale, catching his 30 second front man, Jens Brabbit, and holding off his 30 second follower, John Shishilla. Both of these guys are all kinds of fast, showing the kind of ride Jordan had. His average speed was 27.5mph, and his time was less than 20 seconds off the likes of Shishilla, Timmer, and Toftoy. Keep it up Jordan!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hamel Time Trial - Saturday, September 11

Click on the Flyer Below to enlarge.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

WI State TT History and Distances

This was our 3rd year going to Kansasville, WI for the WI State TT. Here is a breakdown of our year to year results:

YearJordan - 20KJimmer - 40K

It's clear who's getting faster, and who's getting slower.

The times are always impressive compared to other courses. Part of this is due to the fact the courses are not a full 20K or 40K.

Based on my Garmin:

Measured 20K (12.4mi) distance = 12.04mi = 19.42K
Measured 40K (24.8mi) distance = 24.26mi = 39.13K

Translating Jordan and my times:

Jordan's Time translated to a full 20K:
26:08 @ 27.6mph = 26:55
Jimmer's Time translated to a full 40K:
56:04 @ 26mph = 57:21

Data from the MN State TT Course:
Measured 20K distance = 12.46mi.
Measured 40K distance = 26.9mi.

Monday, August 09, 2010

My Little Girl is a Senior in High School!

Maren and boyfriend Charlie, Prom 2010.

No question that my daughter, Maren, doesn't get enough press from me. I can't make up for lost time, but I want to share her accomplishments and aspirations for which I am most proud.

Maren is very genuine. Her outgoing persona and charisma have led her to make many long lasting friendships. She is a very thoughtful and caring person.

Maren is a very talented singer and actress. She is a member of the exclusive Hudson High School Chamber Choir, and has already acted in 3 different plays, "Beauty and the Beast", "Willy Wonka", and "You Can't Take it With You". She is set to audition for 2 upcoming local plays, "Hello Dolly" and "Snow White".

To say Maren is smart is an understatement. She is modest about her good grades, and excellent study habits. Her tenacity led her to retaking the ACT after she was unhappy with her initial score. Her score improved enough to give her a great chance at getting into the college of her choice. I'm proud to say my alma matter, the University of MN, is her first choice. She is planning on a double major in Biology and Psychology. I am so impressed with her drive and direction!

Work Ethic:
Maren is a whiz at retail clothing sales. Her fashion sense, and outgoing personality make her a delight to work with. She currently works at an upscale fashion store in Woodbury called Elodie. Pay her a visit sometime. You won't be disappointed.

I'm so proud of you Maren! Keep up the hard work.

Just Riding Along...

I've been posting all of my updates to facebook lately, and neglecting my blog.

So, what's been going on?

- Joined 14 of my Flanders teammates on a 185 mile ride from Mtka to Duluth. 185 miles in 9 hours. My longest ride ever! Thanks Shepard!
- Skibby and I rode 104 mi on the hottest day in July. 1st half was in the muggy heat, 2nd half was in the pouring rain.
- I've been officiating regularly at the track.
- Jordan has been racing at the track. He has already upgraded to Cat 3.
- I returned to track racing. It's harder then I remember, but still a ton of fun.
- Lots o' TT's. Synergy, MN & WI State, TNT, Farm Dog, Track Pursuits, ...
- Jordan went to the USA Development Camp in LaCrosse, WI. He loved it.
- Carla is feverishly preparing for the Minneapolis Duathalon and Iron Girl. The chick is gettin fit!
- Maren is preparing for her Senior Year in High School, as well as selecting a college! OMG, where has the time gone?

Three State Championships in One Day

20K in 26:08, 27.6mph!

Jordan captured 3 WI State Championships on Saturday, August 7th:
WI State Time Trial - Juniors 10-18
WI State Track Scratch Race - Junior 15-18
WI State Track Points Race - Junior 15-18

He dominated the 20K at the WI State TT with a PR time of 26:08, winning by almost 2 minutes. That's an average speed of 27.6mph.

WI State Track was our first opportunity to race at the velodrome in Kenosha, WI. The turnout was dismal. Only 5 starters in the juniors scratch race, and only 2 starters in the juniors points race.

A huge thanks to the Huang family for their hospitality in Kenosha!

Both Jordan and I participated in the Cat 1/2/3 WI State Track Keirin and Points Race. That was a decent race with 14 starters. Jordan lapped the field with 2 others, finishing 3rd. I held my own, and finished 4th.

Way to go Jordan!