Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week 13 over the past 5 years

To calm Donimator's concern about my pussification:
2005 - 2139 miles
2006 - 1992 miles
2007 - 2457 miles
2008 - 1818 miles
2009 - 1853 miles
Yes, they include trainer miles, but around 80% are logged outdoors.

At least it was dry this weekend

I'm looking for that silver lining again. 2 more great 5 hour rides logged this weekend. Saturday with Painman, Donimator, and the LSC crew on the North Side. Sunday was another Flanders ride to Blakely and back. Both days required the winter clothing, but I'll take this time of year.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

300+ Mile Week

The spring weather is finally here, and Jordan and I made the most of it this week.

Joined the LSC crew Saturday morning for a west side ride. Nearly 20 guys at the start. Only 7 of us did the 4.5hr full monty. Thanks to Red Lantern and Painman for inviting us along.

We did our first traditional Sunday morning Flanders ride out to Belle Plaine. 15 or so guys on that ride too. Did some pacelining, which Jordan loved. About 70 miles into the ride, 8 of us were pacelining including Zim, Doig, Woell, Gorski, Pletcher, MacGibbon, Jordan, and me. Eventually, the pace hotted up enough where guys stopped pulling through. First MacGibbon, then Pletcher, then Gorski, then me. Jordan kept the hammer down with the 3 Cat 1 horses. He learned the hard way that fewer people in the rotation means less rest, and eventually dropped back, but not before impressing the crap out of me. We got back to our car with 92 miles, and decided it was too nice to stop, so we kept going till we got 107. With all the pacelining, we ticked off 100miles in under 5 hours.

Saturday Route: 87 Miles, 4.5 hours

Final Stop Saturday in Watertown, MN

Sunday Route: 107 miles, 5.25hours

Refuelling Sunday in Belle Plaine, MN

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Riding Skinny Tires

The roads of Western WI were dry enough this week to bring out Jordan's A bikes.

Jordan's new Time Edge Pulse w/DA 7900

Jordan's TT equiped Giant TCR C3

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A glimmer of warmth, finally...

Got out for 2 great rides this weekend, with temps in the 50's. Saturday with the LSC crew, Sunday with the Flanders crew. It was Jordan's first time back on the bike in 2 weeks, since he managed a double ear infection following our Big Sky Vacation.

Saturday's LSC East Side Ride sponsored by Shane Kullman. Thanks Man.

Sunday's Flanders West Side Ride sponsored by Jack Stack. Thanks Man.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Powder Day

We awoke to over a foot of fresh powder. We spent the day in the steep and deep of Elk Park on runs with names like "Crazy Raven", "Snake Bite", and "Mad Wolf".

The amazing view from our Big Sky Condo.

Jordan skiing Mad Wolf in over a foot of fresh powder.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Conquering Marx

A goal of this year's Big Sky trip was to ski the runs Marx or Lenin. They are only accessible from the 11,166ft peak, which requires a Tram ride up the opposite face of the mountain.

Jordan and I have both skied the more easily accessible Liberty Bowl several times, and even that has a fall line that intimidates the crap out of me. To top it off, conditions at the peak today were near white out.

In the blinding conditions, Treb convinced me and Jordan to take the Yeti traverse above the rock field to access Marx. I froze up a bit at the top, but once I dropped in, and took a couple jump turns, I was fine. Good snow too.

After that, I felt much more confident, and even followed Treb into my first double black diamond Big Rock Tongue.

Later in the day, Waataja and Jordan had split from Treb and I to go back to the chalet. The route was via a very steep run from the top of the Challenger lift. Half way down, Mike saw a guy above them fall and lose his ski. The run was too steep for the ski to self-arrest, and it came flying down, within a few feet of them. Too close for comfort.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Waataja storming the magic carpet

Tacos and Balls

The 3 of us ate at a local bar and grill. Adventuresome Jordan, ordered Rocky Mountain Oysters, aka bull balls. Mike and I had tacos.

Yes. He ordered balls.

Trying a ball.

Oh my god these are good!

I think they included the sack with the balls. Waataja tried one. He said it tasted like foreskin. Jordan's new nickname is Rocky.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Tree Skiing at Big Sky

A little James Bond action through the trees. Listen at the end when I get nailed in the gut by a branch.