Saturday, December 16, 2006

December Century

In the true spirit of one-upmanship, I rode a century today. I knew Painman, Treb, and JB were not riding today, at least not outside, so I figured I'd better ride enough for all of us.

The original plan was to ride from Hudson to my Brother's place in Maple Grove, which is about 60 miles. Then I started thinking, the weather looks great, why not just add 40, and make it a century. Then I spotted Evan's post to meet at the Stone Arch at Noon. I set out from Hudson at 10:15AM with the intention of joining Evan and the crew enroute.

I met Evan just before Franklin Ave on East River Road just after noon. I was surprised to see he was alone. I turned around, and we rode out to the high bridge, headed west past Fort Snelling, back down west river road to the greenway. Evan split off near his place, and I was back solo again. It was just after 2PM, and I was at 60mi. I needed to continue adding on if I was going to get the full 100.

I rode the greenway to the cut-off at cedar lake to catch the LRT trail. Took the LRT trail all the way into Hopkins, went south towards Opus, and cruised around some more until I had about 75mi, and the started heading north to Maple Grove. I got to my Brother's around 4PM, but I only had 95mi. Can't stand for that! I took in one more 5 mile loop to finish the task.

I saw lots of riders out there. The entire group of Birchwood Bettys passed me on East River Road, and then I saw some of them again later on the LRT. I think I might have even spotted Skibby on the Greenway (somebody yelling something obnoxious)? I hope you got a chance to enjoy the sunny day. I keep thinking it can't last forever, right?


Dan Cleary said...

Saw you over on Shady Oak (61) heading towards Opus. Yelled but you were in the zone. First thought was what the f&*k is he doing way over here solo. Second, i made a comment to one of the guys (no lie), "thats Cullen... he's probably knocking out an easy hundy. guy is a maniac"

Nice work.

timmer said...

how much did you eat after that one?

I went 2 1/2 and nearly ate my right hand index finger by accident..

JimmerC said...

Chilli Breadbowl! One of my favorites.

Skibby said...

Jimmer, you are my idol...I rode for 60 minutes on the trainer....