Friday, December 29, 2006

Ride, Ski, Ride

How often do you get to sandwich a day of downhill skiing, between long road ride days. On top of that, we also got together with the Wollers, who were in town for the holidays. What a week.

We set out today with the goal of getting Jordan a cool 60 mile ride, his longest ever. Treb joined us en route for the Prescott Loop. Jordan was feeling sprightly, and attacked us at the base of the Afton Coulee. It was an impressive effort, all the way to the top.

The overcast, misty conditions were not ideal, but we would not be denied in our quest. Jordan downed a Monster energy drink in Prescott, and another in River Falls. They seemed to do the trick, as he didn't seem to slow down like on previous long rides.

On the way home, we saw an amazing sight. At least 500 Canadian Geese, in a farm field. We startled them all into flight. At first it was chaos, but they slowly formed groups, and headed west. Never seen anything like it.

In the end, Jordan met his goal. 61 miles in 4 hours. The bikes needed a bit of clean-up work, but 40 degrees on December 29th? Will it ever snow?


Anonymous said...

Hey Jim,

I was cleaning house today and found some juniors cycling clothing that doesn't fit my son anymore. Do you want it for Jordan? Free! Shorts, jersey, arm warmers & shoes. Let me know

Mark Kotz
markkotz at comcast dot net

andy said...

That Monster is the good stuff...