Thursday, December 21, 2006

Property Taxes Due

Every year, I pre-pay next year's property taxes, to get the tax write-off this year. This only gives you an advantage the first time you do this, and then you have to keep doing it every year to get the same write-off. The first half are due at the end of January anyway, so I'd rather just get them paid anyway.

When I first moved to Hudson, 10 years ago, I was shocked at how much higher the property taxes were. It's offset a little by lower income tax, etc. All the property values in town were recently re-assessed to full market value. Our assessed value went up 50.2%! A similar hike was made about 5 years ago, and our property taxes didn't move much, but I was still nervous.

We got our tax bill today, and it actually went down by 4%. Whew! They are actually close to what they were in 2002. Here is the trend over the past few years:

2003 +4%
2004 +6%
2005 -5%
2006 -4%

We just passed a school referendum, which means our taxes will go up by approx $125 next year. I just hope the general negative trend continues, or we at least hold even.


timmer said...

you on a lake? mine up north is.. two words: bend over

JimmerC said...

Nope. Just your basic neighborhood up the hill from the river. My ass still hurts though.