Saturday, December 23, 2006

No Respect, No Respect

During today's ride, we were giving each other quite a bit of grief. Made me think of some of the funniest comments other riders have said to me during my days as a cyclist:

JB(in all seriousness): I don't think it is a good idea for me to be on our strongest guy's wheel, I think I should be on yours Jim.

Treb: I've got to go around you, if we go any slower, I'm going to tip over Jim.

Woller: Have some pride, Jim (As I'm raiding what remains of the sag food at training camp).

Painman: I knew you got a new helmet, but I didn't know you got a new bike Jim (in reference to a photo of a pig on a bike).

Homme: We'd never let you ride for Flanders with that stubble on your legs Jim.

Notice that they all end in the condescending signature word "Jim".

Then there are the classic verbal exchanges between others:

Tim Sproul: "Hey Aaron, you've been riding really strong lately. How you feeling?"
Aaron Vorheis: "Well obviously not very good, if I'm back here with you."

Jake Stechman to Jay Woller: "No one was a Cat 3 for as long as you were!"


Neil said...

You would have gotten tons of respect on the PR! We needed someone to give Dan a run for his money!

Homme said...


"You could never ride for Flanders with such a filthy bike"

JimmerC said...

Actually, you said that in the same breath, on the same day, down at Dakota.

wollerjay said...

Good times, good times. How about "Get your act together!" as you yell at the McDonalds crew before the State RR.