Monday, April 09, 2007

Classic Misjudgement Jimmer

Went for the Prescott Loop again tonight with Jordan. Treb joined us en route, and I was hesitant knowing we would be tight on daylight. Then Murphy joined our ride. We stopped for too long in Prescott, broke a spoke, flatted, etc. Got back home at 9PM. All 3 of us had tail and headlights, but getting home at Jordan's bedtime was a bad call. The sad part is, we had a great time, especially anticipating the trouble we would be in when we got home. Carla was a good sport about it, when she certainly could have been pretty P.O.'ed.

The bottom looks to fall out, weather wise, tomorrow. Many of you probably don't know I have a daughter. She is running the mile this year in 8th grade track, which was my event in H.S., so needless to say, I'm pretty excited to watch her run. She is growing up so fast, and is attracting the boys too soon for me to deal with. I need to get my hands on a deer rifle, so I can be sure to be cleaning it when the boys start coming around to see her.


painman said...

Jimmer, just be yourself, that will keep the boy's away.

JBergland said...

A shotgun might leave a better 'impression' than a deer rifle!!:)


Skibby said...

I have a deer rifle you can borrow, the only thing you have to do in exchange for it, is ride the trackwith me, or get a cyclo-cross bike !