Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hot Dog

Jordan, Treb, neighbor Hip, and I headed out this morning in a quest to get Jordan his longest ride ever. What a perfect day for it. It was Hip's first ride on his new Giant TCR Composite 1. It was Treb's first ride on his newly upgraded to 10spd Litespeed Vortex. It was my first ride on my new DA cranks. Jordan didn't have anything new, but his stuff is all mostly new anyway.

We decided to do the loop in reverse, and add a little to get the desired 62 miles. Hip turned off early to go golfing. We stopped at Prescott to refuel, and scored the 2 for $2 ballpark franks. Boy were they good. However, the ride up the hill into MN started to bring Jordan's hot dog back up. He kept it down, but it was good for a laugh. In the end, we hit our goal, and Jordan broke his previous record of 61 miles by exactly 1 mile.

On another note, we had lunch yesterday with Skibby at our favorite local restaurant, Pier 500. Our waitress recognizes me and asks if I was at the Daily Grind a couple weeks ago. She goes on to say, she remembers me and my friend, who had bonked hard, and was trying to regain his strength. How funny is that? Treb's bonk is now legend in Hudson.

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