Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sacrifice Ride to CatchTwins Game

So there I am fully kitted up, ready to brave the wind and cold on a Wednesday night ride. I'm out in the driveway, just about to depart and meet Treb for an Afton Hill Ride, and Carla tells me Treb called. He got last minute tickets to the Twins game and is bailing on me. WTF? Then she tells me he's got extra tickets for me and Jordan.

I reluctantly change back into street clothes, thinking this is some sort of belated April fools joke. When we pick up Treb and his son on the way to the game, I come to find he was fully dressed to ride and on his way out the door, when he found out about the game too. We got to the game before the first pitch, and the seats were club level behind the plate. I don't think I have ever paid for a sporting event ticket, but whenever I do get the opportunity to go with a friend, we always seem to get great seats.

As difficult as it was to give up the ride, it was a great time with Treb and the kids, plus the Twins won. Thanks for the tickets Treb. Definitely doing the loop tonight.


Skibby said...

that's funny, Olga and I were at the same game! She got free tickets from work. We were 17 rows behind home plate. Too bad I didn't know you were there, we could've snuck out onto the field and done a buffalo ride!

JimmerC said...

You've always got to out do me, don't you Skibby.

Skibby said...

Think I don't! :)