Sunday, April 08, 2007

My Favorite Riding Partner

Sorry Treb, Painman, Johnny B, Red Lantern, Skibby, etc. It's definitely Jordan. We did the Prescott loop after today's Easter Celebration/Maren's Birthday Party. I get so much joy out of riding with him, I forget how amazing it is for him to ride for 3 hours in 40deg weather. On top of that, he doesn't hold me back in anyway. I ride the same level 1 pace I would if I was on the loop solo.

Bumped into Matt Henry on the Afton Coulee. He hammered past us, and after gaining permission from Jordan, I worked like a dog to catch him at the top of the next climb. Talked to Matt briefly, then turned around expecting Jordan to be way back. Nope, just cresting as I turned around. It is a real treat to see how much he loves to not only ride, but ride hard. Definitely, the apple of my eye.


Skibby said...

he's an amazing kid...Karla did a good job raising him! :)

Dan Cleary said...

Love it!